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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamu Guest
    i think i will make a guide tomorrow since the only thing left is the zhonecage and we have to celebrate the 500 post i will also release the latest translated eboot.

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    kwii626 Guest
    finally i got it completely done. Thank you sooo much mamu and mamatsu!! i was wondering what i did wrong haha. Again thank you to all the testers and programmers who worked on this project without you guys we couldn't play togf.

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    tpmjb Guest
    Cool! Wasn't going to touch really anything like skitfix until a new guide was out. All the skitfix does is undub right?

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    kumikumi Guest
    Thank you very much mamu and all the testers for the time invested in this. If there is any way I can help with Zhonecage just say so!

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    mamu Guest
    i managed to fix the " x x appeared from the Eleth Mixer " bug, now it shows correctly.

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    kumikumi Guest
    wasn't aware of any bug in the mixer but thanks nonetheless

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    mamu Guest
    not in the mixer, but on the field. when you get a new item from the mixer.

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    kumikumi Guest
    Have to admit I don't really remember that one (since is pretty small) but that's one step closer to perfection, and I love it I found something wrong with the magic carta, some are "found by the game", meaning the game counts them (the ones and japanese) and others are not (the ones in english).

    This resembles the chest password problem, not that it matters since you can play the magic carta game and get all the rewards but I got curious.

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    mamu Guest
    what do you mean by the game counts them? i haven't noticed this problem yet.

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    kumikumi Guest
    there is an npc (old man) that rewards you depending on the number of cards you have and I tested and found out the the cards that have the description and name in japanese are the only ones that count towards that "counter". English ones have "Magic Carta N. 12" (for example) and others have "(Japanese Characters) N. 12" or something like that.

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