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  1. #491
    Nogitsune Guest
    oh well. back to the old way of doing things i suppose.

  2. #492
    Tisun Guest
    Looked at the PARAM.SFO of the US version and it says 4.01 firmware so yah, no chance. Even tried fixing it with the tools myself and it didn't work.

  3. #493
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    E3 said they will release a fixed eboot for all games that currently existing, so that means ToG will be released eventually.

  4. #494
    Nogitsune Guest
    well.. i don't think we can rely on something as ambiguous as all game in existence. if only the zhonecage gets solved , eboot's translation is going pretty well thanks to mamu. so hopefully we won't have to wait for a fix.

  5. #495
    ZerotakerZX Guest
    So the race it will be. As for me honestly, every outcome is a good outcome.

  6. #496
    kwii626 Guest
    You can't find the file called filesizes.txt the only txt file it created was skitfix_listfile. when I tired to use copychdlines.bat it says

    [Register or Login to view code]

    the command i use was copychdlines listfile skitfix_listfile listfile2

    now as for the original compressed jp files is that the files i uncompressed with the jp rootR? or is that the actualy rootR itself?

  7. #497
    Solus Guest
    Well there's still dex.

  8. #498
    mamu Guest
    we will probably have to wait for 4.01 keys, but if the eboot works then we just have to repack the skits with jap audio (=skitfix) and use JP sound files in rootR. most of my tools will work with US base too, so we can change anything actually.

    kwii: the latest skitfix makes skitfix_listfile.txt next to the program file. you have to type in the .txt too.

  9. #499
    mamtsu Guest
    It is definitely called filesizes.txt in my case, but it doesn't really matter. Maybe we are using different versions of the program. Anyway, make sure it has 398 lines like:

    4171520 your_jp_folder/chat/chd/CHT_DC001.chd

    The listed files should all have .chd extension, and be in either your_jp_folder or skitfixdir.

    copychdlines.bat actually takes 2 parameters, not 3. The first one should be the original, full list file, and the second one should be the one created by skitfix.exe (and edited by you, replacing the placeholder folder names). Make sure you specify the correct path to each list file (as in "skitfixdir\skitfix_listfile.txt" if skitfix_listfile.txt is in the skitfix folder).

    The original compressed files are the ones you unpacked from the japanese rootR with the modified bms script in the beginning of the processes. You should have unpacked that rootR twice. First with the "modified" script, which unpacks the files without decompressing them, and then with the "original" script, which unpacks and decompresses each file.

  10. #500
    donkatsu Guest
    I haven't played ToGf and checked this thread in awhile. I'm definitely going to try out the new skitfix... at least on the files I haven't manually fixed. It takes such a long time to fix a single skit. Repackage the original chd, watch the skit and identify where the missync happens, edit the scs file and repackge the file again. Hopefully, I don't have to do that anymore. Thanks for all your work again, mamu.

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