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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Dimkaua Guest
    After few hours of researches i have discovered how to pack packages.

    In theory we can change header of package and add in the end of package translated files. In header we must change offset of translated files, and, maybe, some other information about new files.

    This theory used in ToG demo patch. =)

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    arktos Guest
    that patch was made, because of problem with repacking cpks. but i have some assumption, it is hardcoded in eboot and we could patch those offsets, to reflect new cpk. but as i said assumption. this has worked on ps2 anyways

    could sb only upload the jap rootR cpk file?

    and give me a filelist of japanes game files?

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    Dimkaua Guest
    we can add files to the packages without any eboot or memory patches, but quantity of files is huge...

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    arktos Guest
    if no filelist, can somebody tell me at least the exact filesize in bytes of the japanese rootR.cpk file?

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    Zenonex Guest
    filesize of japanese rootR.cpk is 1.968.339.456 Bytes

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    arktos Guest
    cool, thanks.

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    Dimkaua Guest
    Information about RootR.cpk:

    btl\acf\bin000.acf - 1 file - character names, npc names (?), monster names
    chat\scs\JA\CHT_DC***.scs - ~77 files - some chats - example:
    (CHT_DC001_01)Has it really been half a year since we all
    traveled together? Where did the time go? 	(CHT_DC001_02)It's been a busy few months. 	(CHT_DC001_03)Yeah, it's been rough. Especially with all
    of those meetings about returning the
    Lhant domain back to Windor. 	(CHT_DC001_04)Asbel, is your hand okay? 	(CHT_DC001_05)Huh? Oh yeah, it's fine, thanks.
    Don't worry about it. It just got a little cramped up
    from all the paperwork, that's all. 	(CHT_DC001_06)Well, it's been fun. I've learned all kinds of
    interesting things from helping you.
    It's a nice change from all the fighting. 	(CHT_DC001_07)Thanks, Sophie. Wow... Half a year... 	(CHT_DC001_08)I wonder if, after all this time, I've become
    a worthy lord like my dad was...
    chat\scs\JA\CHT_MS***.scs - ~242 files - some chats - example:
    (CHT_MS001_001)You should try some of this
    spring water, Hubert. 	(CHT_MS001_002)I'm not really thirsty. 	(CHT_MS001_003)This water is famous!
    Plus, it's really good for you.
    So come on. Have some. You'll like it. 	(CHT_MS001_004)W-Well, all right. *Glug, glug* Oh! Oh, this IS good! Wait, I thought you'd never
    been to Lhant Hill before. 	(CHT_MS001_005)Huh. I guess Frederic knew what he
    was talking about after all. Here,
    gimme some of that. I wanna try it. 	(CHT_MS001_006)Hey! I'm not your guinea pig!
    chat\scs\JA\CHT_SB***.scs - ~72 files - some chats - example:
    (CHT_SB001_001)That new sheath looks really cool. 	(CHT_SB001_002)I've wanted this ever since I
    joined the Knight Academy. 	(CHT_SB001_003)Temper your enthusiasm. 	(CHT_SB001_004)Why? 	(CHT_SB001_005)Those who rely too heavily on equipment
    neglect to hone themselves. 	(CHT_SB001_006)Wait, wouldn't having equipment you love
    make you want to work that much harder? 	(CHT_SB001_007)In the old days, swordsmen became legend
    without touching that sort of...thing. But times have changed. Now the equipment does
    all the work, and any old half-wit can wield it! 	(CHT_SB001_008)Here we go.
    chat\scs\JA\debug_**.scs - 2 files - some debug chats
    ending\JA\endingData*.bin - 2 files - ending credits
    movie\str\ja\TOG_S**.bin - 11 files - CG english subtitles - example:
    It looks like a girl. Hey you! What do you think you're doing,
    sleeping out here? Aah!
    Str\ja\_MapName.bin - 1 file - location names - example:
    . Gralesyde The second largest city in Windor, near
    Lake Grale. Governed by Duke Dalen. Oul Raye A port town on Strahta's eastern edge.
    It serves as the entrance to the desert. Sable Izolle A scholarly city renowned worldwide
    for its research into cryas artes. Yu Liberte An extremely prosperous land blessed
    by the valkines of water, Duplemar. Warrior's Roost An independent island that plays host
    to the battle arena tower, Riot Peak. Velanik An impoverished southern Fendel village.
    Fendel Mountain Pass lies to its north. Zavhert Fendel's largest city and a center for
    heavy industry. Home to Fendel Tower. Amarcian Enclave A village deep within Mt. Zavhert where
    the legendary Amarcians make their home. Telos Astue A deserted city that once served as
    the core of Fodran civilization. Katz Korner Home to the mischievous and mysterious
    feline tribe known as the Katz
    Str\ja\JA\ActInfo.bin - 1 file - actions
    Str\ja\JA\CharName.bin - 1 file - character names
    Str\ja\JA\MapName.bin - 1 file - map names
    Str\ja\JA\Navigation.bin - 1 file - talk to... head to... (navigation)
    Sys\FontBinary2.bin - 1 file - important fonts (?)
    Sys\FontTexture2.bin - 1 file - important font textures (?)
    SysSub\Ja\TitleTexture.tex - 1 file - important fonts textures (?)
    SysSub\Ja\TOG_SS_ChatName.dat - 1 file - some text - example:
    Where's My Ring? A New Kind of Terror Show Me Your Resolve! Is That All? Nothing But Talk The Power of Words Someone Has a Secret A Word in Edgewise Under Observation In Its Clutches No Matter What! One for the Road Mutual Destruction The Value of a Life In Bloom What Did I Do Now?! Point of No Return All the Way Down All Smiles Glimpses of the Past, Part I A Piece of History Emeraude's Mistake Glimpses of the Past, Part II Hypothetically Speaking...

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    Emiya Shirou Guest
    can someone tell me where i can get the jap version of tales of graces ps3, the hard drive where i had it is no longer working and i can't find the game on the net.

    And looks like this translation won't be as easy as just replacing files like rune factory tides of destiny.

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    Dimkaua Guest
    You can search on some trackers, such as blackcats games (international) or tapocheknet (russian). Both with closed registration (invites, etc...).

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    Emiya Shirou Guest
    Thanks I found one.

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