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    Senior Member mamu's Avatar
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    you have to replace your_jp_files in the txt file. also skitfix and fps4pack has been updated since then, which fixes freezing skits.

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    The 3.60 keys released, I think graces eng is 3.61 though, wow. Anyway hopefully soon we will get 4.20 keys then people without dongles can get a true undub.

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    well skyrim is 3.7 and they fixed it. don't think 3.61 would be a problem. having US as base at least should solve the zhonecage issue.

    also the eboot's translation. i'm gonna try the fix method that was mentioned though finding the original eboot could prove difficult >.<.

    ps. nvm. seems like the 0.01 makes the job more complicated than that
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    wow great news

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    Well we won't need the 3.60+ keys, The game should work after a patch. I'm trying some stuff out.

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    This will only work if the patch is <=3.60

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    Yeah, anything I try doesn't work, but I'm not really good at this stuff though.

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    some eboot experts can probably do it pretty easily. they did a lot of 3.66 and 3.7+ games. we probably just have to wait a few days.
    mamu. do you think the same method of fixing skits will work if we use the US one as base?

    if it does. and if we get an eboot fix. then we'll have our undub version at long last.

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    Anyone can confirm the patch is <=3.60?

    I checked using update hunter and found no update for this game.
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    Sorry about this but the info I was looking at was misleading
    [Register or Login to view code]

    As you can see it says 2011 but I though really? That long already? I googled wiki tales of graces. It's really suppose to be 2012 so we do need 4.0+ keys the firmware for the eng version, it's 4.01, we'll have to wait some more.

    Also, I'm thinking since the 3.60 keys got released it's just a matter of time till they release the others, we waited this long might as well wait some more.
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