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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamtsu Guest
    You are probably missing libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll. It should be in the same folder as cpkcr.exe. I can't remember where I got it from, but you can just google it. If that's not the problem, try running cpkcr.exe from cmd and tell us what error you get, if any.

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    kwii626 Guest
    ok so i followed your guide till the repack steps. Then i used this command in cmd "cpkcr -f rootR.cpk -d us_files -l listfile.txt -v" and the error i got was could not open us_files/us_files/btl/acf/att001.acf

    hmm weird i redid the whole thing and now it works. tyvm guys!!

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    mamu Guest
    here are all the dlls you might need, they come with mingw.

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    xeyatan Guest
    Guys, excuse me for asking, but is there a 1-in-all guide or somewhere where the most relevant guides are mentioned to get all the current fixed for tales of Graces? I've tried looking and found some guides on different pages but no idea which are outdated and which are not.

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    Kronny17 Guest

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    Nogitsune Guest
    thanks again mamu. your hard work on making a complete functional undub never cease to amaze me. you are simply "epic". come on people at least give more "like" on his posts.

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    mamu Guest
    thanks Nogi as soon as zhonecage gets fixed there will be a guide, but right now the programs are all over the thread, until then here is the latest.

    i'm translating the eboot right now, tell me if you have found bugs or typos. some of the titles were hard to translate, they are very short in japanese but very long in english. i mean, how would you type "Maven of Lordliness" in seven letters? anyway, here it is:

    - Richard Titles translated
    - Fixed some bugs and typos
    - Some new descriptions
    - A few minor things

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    kwii626 Guest
    hey guys i'm actually kinda confused on the chest fix and skit fix. On the skit fix, i used the original unpack bms unpacked my jp rootR and us rootR and got everything running. I was confused on that part that said replace your_jp_file and copy contents to the root folder. Was i suppose to copy all the cht files into my ja_files/chat? or copy everything from the skitfixlistfile over to the original listfile while replacing your_jp_file with ja_files. I did the copied everything on the skitfixlist to the original listfile and got this error

    ::ERROR:: The number files on list and
    ::ERROR:: in the cpk must be the same!

    Now with the chest fix, I didn't know know which bm to use for the unpacking of map1r so i used the modifed unpack bm. everything went smoothly until i went into cpkcr and this error appeared

    reading file infos from dir C:\Mix\chest\chestfix_files/
    ::ERROR:: Could not open C:\Mix\chest\chestfix_files/mapfile_anmaR.cpk

    any help would be appreciated and mamu + all the testers thank you very much for this undub. Without you guys we would not have such a great game undubbed!

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    mamtsu Guest
    What you need to change is the txt file list that you generate when fixing the skit files. It is called filesizes.txt and created by skitfix.exe in your "skitfix" folder. You need to replace all instances of your_jp_folder with the folder where your original -compressed- japanese files are, and skitfixdir_compressed with the folder where you extracted the compressed fixed skit files with the "modified" bms script.

    Then you use copychdlines.bat to merge that filesizes.txt file you've just edited with the original file list you used to repack the whole rootR.cpk (this list is generated by cpkcrgui). Finally, use this merged file list to repack rootR.cpk.

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    tpmjb Guest
    Wow, I was using the one linked earlier in this thread and I have to say the one you made yesterday is WAY better! I can actually understand what I'm doing now! Battle messages may be in Japanese, and a few titles here and there, but you're doing really good! Props!

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