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    Junior Member jadekitten's Avatar
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    so i bit the bullet, now i want to take my tales of graces f save from the japanese to the us version, it's already pretty much undubbed from keeping my mixed files and just moving the us eboot ever which is what i wanted anyway, but how do i make my save show up/work thanks

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    To jadekitten...

    1- Just make an us save.
    2- Using Multiman or anything similar go to the saves folder and copy the contents of the jap save (BLJS10093) to the new us save you made (BLUS30903).
    3- Load the save (It will load then became corrupted)
    4- Save again and delete the corrupted save if you want.

    Make sure to make a backup first. Also note that Evil + Chaos will possibly disappear if you unlocked them (So make sure the Jap save is not saved in one of these difficulties or you will face some problems). But you can unlock them again in Newgame+ so don't worry. Also, the attachments (melon, goggle, etc) will disappear also but these are not important.

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    so awesome, thanks! now the chests will open too, i hope?

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    it should open in us, i try it with modded save from jp to usa and it work fine

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    yeah. it opened with us password, very happy

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    so you can use codes for the usa version?

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    for those who don't follow the eboot thread, i'm translating it while Oxinar is away. also there are two skits that still need another fix, the one that gives Install Data Error and another one where the timing is off because the US voices are faster.

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    Great. Any updates on Zhonecage progress?

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    Sounds awesome, man! Hope it comes out soon!

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    hey guys i get the "there was an error, please check the log" error but when i checked the log all i got is "This log will update as soon as the repack finished. It will take a few minutes."

    Any advice on how to fix this?


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