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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Solus Guest
    Thanks for this.

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    taha1990 Guest
    mamu thanks for the new guide but still I cant get pass the same error again
    > fps4pack -u jp/chat/chd/CHT_DC061.chd skitfixdir/jp
    CHD/FPS4 unpacker/repacker v1.4 by mamu
    > unpack mode
    Error: FPS4 signature does not match
    Internal error message: No error
    Error: fps4pack finished with error
    Internal error message: No error
    and no i can't unpack the file with quickbms it say expected to be cpk not CRIL

    i tried quick bms with the command and didnt see any cril option

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    mamtsu Guest
    You need to use quickbms with the original script directly on rootR.cpk, not on the files that you unpacked from it with the other script. Is this what you are doing?

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    taha1990 Guest
    Lol ... i knew I was doing something stupid. yeah that what i had been doing this whole week !

    thanks for helping me finally it worked.

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    kumikumi Guest
    Anyone willing to make a walkthrough next time you repack skits and/or treasure fix?

    Seems kinda hard


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    Solus Guest
    Can anybody tell me why the cpkforp.exe closes immediately after opening? I've had to use the cmd this whole time but now I can't because chestfix.exe can't find cpkforp.

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    JellyJian Guest
    cpkforp.exe must be in the same directory as chestfix.exe and chestfix_files.

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    Solus Guest
    I double checked I knew it was before I even tried.

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    mamu Guest
    i took a look at the menu overlapping, if you use the JP bin files (rootR/mnu/bin) it will look a LOT better. it will also fix the layout problems in the library/books menu.

    i also made a tool to extract all textures from a TXM-TXV pair. this is for those who might want to work with textures too. usually a tex file is a fps4 file, after unpacking it you will get this header-content pair. then you start texpack and tell the TMX (header, smaller file, File00000), TXV (the bigger one, File00001) and the output folder. it will save them as raw file, but a file list with resolution and encoding type is generated.

    there are two kinds of encoding i have met, the first is a simple RGBA but i don't know what the other is. it uses 4 bytes too that is sure. also there is no repack function yet, but you have to set the -u parameter.

    solus: are there any error messages or something? what do you mean it closes immediately?

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    Solus Guest
    I can't open any of the exe's you posted, I open it then it closes less than a sec no error msgs. I tried my other newer laptop as well, maybe it's because I'm using laptops or something.

    I always have to use the command prompt then guide it to the directory of the exe so I can open it without it closing, but I fixed the problem where the chestfix.exe couldn't find cpkforp I had to change the path in my computer properties' advance system settings. Now I'm trying out skitfix. The fps4pack is giving me those 4 errors now, I will have to use a different cpu again.

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