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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamu Guest
    i made a tool to fix all chest passwords. it uses cpkforp for adding the files, a complete repack is not necessary this way.
    first unpack the US map1R to somewhere, then place chesfix and chestfix_files from the zip next to cpkforp (it is on page 15)

    you have to tell 2 parameters: where is your unpacked map1R folder and where are the fix files. for example, if you have unpacked map1R to C:/mix/map1r_us/ and you have cpkforp, chestfix and chesfix_files in C:/mix, then you would start chesfix as
    chestfix map1r_us chestfix_files (or chestfix C:/mix/map1r_us C:/mix/chestfix_files)

    then it fixes the files just like skitfix and makes a listfile you can use in cpkcr. cpkforp should work correctly but sometimes it might crash if the folder name is too long. if this happens after it has already fixed some of the files, you should delete the contents of the unpacked folder and unpack map1R again before trying it again.

    after it is done you can use the exported listfile chestfix_listfile.txt for repacking with cpkcr. (select the US map1R as cpk, select the folder where you fixed files are, open the listfile and repack )

    now that the chest accepts the password, how should we type it in? we can't really change the input panel and most players don't know how to type it it. and it would be good if you wouln't have to use guides/walkthroughs because of this.
    so i made a list of random japanese words, then mixed the passwords in them, this means most of them are fakes, so you do have to know the password . you can print this out and when you think you know the password for a chest, you can look for the first letter of the english word and type in the the japanese password.

    For example, lets say someone in the town tells you that the password is "the name of this console". You think "he might think of Playstation", so you look for "P" on the page and next to P you see " パスカル ", so you type this in.

    Note that some characters have big and small versions, some have two short lines in the upper right corner of the character while others have a little circle. some of them look almost identical, like those looking like "smileys": シ, ソ, ツ, ジ, ゾ, ヅ, ノ, ン. It is easy to mistype them, be careful

    edit: as soon as i get there, i will start working on zhonecage. has anyone tried changing the scs folder?

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    taha1990 Guest
    Thanks mamu the chestfix worked well.

    is anyone making a guide for the skits? I still can't get fps4 to work.

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    tpmjb Guest
    Hey, has there been a fix for the Japanese items in the menu/Japanese battle messages yet?

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    kumikumi Guest
    Been following this for a while and i have to say, this password fix by mamu made my day. thank you

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    JellyJian Guest
    I have this error stating libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll is missing when i execute ckpforp.exe.. I searched and downloaded the dll, placing it at the same directory as the chestfix files, chestfix.exe, ckpforp.exe.

    The error message disappeared but the .exe window pop out just for awhile and closed itself in split second.

    How can I rectify this problem? T.T

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    Nogitsune Guest
    to jellyjian: you should use "cmd" to run them.

    go in start->run. type "cmd"
    then write the drive letter cpkforp is in like. "C:"
    after that write. "cd (full path of the folder cpkforp is in)" example: "cd C:\tales"

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    JellyJian Guest
    Nogitsune, I see! Thanks for replying. So I have to execute via cmd.

    Let's say my unpacked map1r.cpk is at c:\mix\us_files , my cpkforp is at c:\mix , my chestfix_files is at c:\mix

    Then, what should I type in?

    Edit: Oh! I got it already. Thanks a lot. <3

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    donkatsu Guest
    I finished the main arc of the game. So far, no buggy skits besides the ones I've reported. Once I finish the future arc, I'll post the list of buggy skits from the skitfix script.

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    bernywtf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by taha1990 View Post
    Thanks mamu the chestfix worked well.

    is anyone making a guide for the skits? I still can't get fps4 to work.
    isn't this link the guide ?

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    mamu Guest
    i'm working on skitfix right now, it will compress & uncompress files automatically. after that, i will try making an all-in-one pack too.

    here is the updated skitfix and guide. first of all, these are command line tools, if you don't know how to start it please wait for a complete package. i will make one after zhonecage gets fixed

    to run this fix, you will need:

    - skitfix + latest fps4pack (included)
    - cpkmakec + cpkmaker.dll
    - quickbms + modified unpack script

    extract all of these into one folder (eg: C:/mix) also uncompress us and jp rootR to somewhere.

    run skitfix as:

    skitfix jp_chat_folder us_chat_folder bms_script
    for example:
    skitfix jp_files/chat us_files/chat

    it will make two folders, skitfixdir (working folder) and skitfix_done (files after compression)
    it creates a listfile next to the program called skitfix_listfile.txt and a cpk file called temp_skitfix.cpk (for compressing). you can delete this and the folder skitfixdir after the program has finished. don't forget to replace your_jp_folder in the listfile and copy its content to a rootR listfile. i made a batch script for this on p37, but it will not work for US rootR listfile.

    ps: using " (quote marks) in the chat/ path makes weird errors

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