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  1. #431
    taha1990 Guest
    so I need to compress just the file shown in the error or all skits file ? sorry i'm a noob and did everything by following the guides here.. where is the original script ?

  2. #432
    mamtsu Guest
    The script you need to use is in unpack_scripts.zip, in post 290 (page 29).

    You need to use cpk_unpack_original.bms with quickbms like you did when originally unpacking rootR.cpk. Choose a different output folder because you will still need the compressed files when you repack everything.

  3. #433
    mamu Guest
    since i can't work on the skits right now, i took a look at the chest problem. here's what i got:

    - map0R are the dungeons and map1R are the towns and field maps
    - in the cpk (inside the mapRs), chr and ani files are models and textures, packed to fps4 and compressed with TLZC. there is an unpacker script at forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=8725 and i also updated fps4pack to work with these files
    - scs+so file pairs are the scripts
    - files starting with "e" (like e102_010.so, e102_010.scs, e102_010.ani, e102_010.chr) are for cutscenes (so+scs are the script, ani+chr are models) (i think)
    - files starting with "s" are npc stuff (i think)
    - files with the same name as the cpk (eg. lanR.cpk -> lan_...) are the main files for that area. the scs files are mostly macro commands or story events

    For example there is a the chest in Lhant, and if I replace the lan_ scs+so pairs, the it can be opened, so the problem might be with one of the macros. I will look into this more. In the worst case, we have to copy all the text from US scs while keeping the original macros.

    As a little bonus, here are some textures i just extracted. After the important bugs and crashes are fixed, there is the black bar bug (when entering a new area) that i would like to fix too. It is not necessary but would look a bit better.

  4. #434
    mamu Guest
    ok i found it, chest passwords are stored in the scs files just like any other text. the game works perfectly after changing it.

    i found the bug that caused the freezing, now all the skits should work fine.

    the problem was with the repacking, the new file header didn't aligned well and that caused crashing. i tried it out with #102 but should work with the others too. you have to run skitfix again with this new fps4pack and remake the rootR.

  5. #435
    jadekitten Guest
    so how do i fix the chests?

  6. #436
    taha1990 Guest
    I used cpk_unpack_original.bms before and didnt work. I thought that wasn't the right file

    well ... the error i got said that the signature doesn't match. It expected to be CPK not CRIL

  7. #437
    zhentmd04 Guest
    Good work Mamu! Can you please update your guide when you finish the chest, skit problem?

  8. #438
    JellyJian Guest
    Thanks for the great work, Mamu. Though I am completely clueless about how to use the fps4pack. -,-

  9. #439
    mamu Guest
    yes i will update the guide, but i'm not sure how should i write the part about the chests. i mean, it is inside a scs file in a cpk in another cpk. maybe using cpkforp will be the easiest way.

  10. #440
    DeadlyAnGeL Guest
    any updates on the zhonecage dungeon?

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