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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    mamtsu Guest
    Oh, no wonder I could not make sense of those files in any encoding I tried! To uncompress them I should use the original bms script, right?

    Something else: my listfile differs from your last rootR_mixed in the sizes of Sys/en/SysString.bin and Sys/ja/SysString.bin. Yours says 868 and 3213, respectively, while mine says 17011 and 11433. My values come from the files I copied from the US version's USRDIR\Sys to my us_files folder.

    The sizes of my SysString.bin files upacked from the japanese version of the game (688 and 2124) are also different from those in your rootR_mixed, so I don't know where you got yours. Can you think of anything I may be missing?

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    rezarhb Guest
    what actually the command to use tocdump to extract the us filelist?

    i got a dongle now, so i want to try it

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    donkatsu Guest
    try tocdump rootR.cpk -dlist ep

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    rezarhb Guest
    thanks donkatsu, i try it now

    i'm sorry, but can you upload your filelist? mine seems not working...

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    donkatsu Guest
    The list that I'm using might not work for you. I got a lot of different files mixed with it; some original chd files, repacked chd, and modified scs files. What are you exactly trying to do right now? Are you using skitfix? If so, some chd files probably will freeze the game. You'll need to replace these files manually one by one.

    Since my list is not finished (still testing out skits, probably won't be able to finish testing until i finish the game...), I can give you a list that I used that doesn't have repackaged chd in it.

    Here is the file list that you can use for the US version based rootR.cpk.

    This list doesn't have repacked chd files or manually edited scs files. It means that some skits will not align properly.

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    josh482 Guest
    I just came across this and wanted to say that you guys rule. i REFUSE to get a dongle and had almost given up all hope of playing Tales of Graces F. i did see a tutorial on page 19 but it looks like there has been lots of work since then. I have waited this long and don't mind waiting a little longer if there is still forward progress. Sorry if this post breaks the flow of ideas, i just wanted to show my appreciation

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    rezarhb Guest
    thanks a lot donkatsu, test it today and it now undubbed oh, i just check in page 37 and itachi says that we can use jp saves to the us saves, is that true??

    i want to use my cleared data jp version in us so i can play zhonecage

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    Yes you can simply save a new save in the US game then copy the content of the Jap save to the US one, then load that save (It will load one time but will turn to corrupted after) So after loading save one more time and delete the corrupted save if you want afterward.

    Otherwise, you can use PS3 SaveUnlocker which is a better idea and the save will not be corrupted. However, I noticed two problems:

    1- the attachments you have will disappear (the melon\goggles\etc)
    2- The Evil/Chaos difficulty will disappear too which is a more annoying problem.I'm at my first game and I have unlocked Evil before copying the save but now there is no Evil and the stupid game knows that I unlocked it (I can see that from the tutorial) but I can't switch to it or unlock it another time even if I play 1000 battle in Hard.

    I hope this problem can be solved when I start Newgame+ which I want to play in Chaos otherwise I will not play the game a second time...

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    taha1990 Guest
    Thanks to everyone who helped in fixing the game. i'm trying to fix the skits in the undub, but i have a problem with the fps4pack
    > fps4pack -u ja_files/chat/chd/CHT_DC061.chd skitfixdir/jp
    CHD/FPS4 unpacker/repacker v1.2 by mamu
    > unpack mode
    Error: FPS4 signature does not match
    Internal error message: No error
    Error: fps4pack finished with error
    Internal error message: No error
    anyone can help ?

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    donkatsu Guest
    use the original script with quickbms to extract the files uncompressed.

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