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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    rezarhb Guest
    just a quick question: are carta games on eboot? or cpk? i mean the quote and the sound

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    donkatsu Guest
    I don't think it's in the eboot. Can't confirm it myself.

    I managed to get the skits working with the editor. Some of them were really easy to fix, but some were really hard. Just matching the page number doesn't work. The way I got them to work was by comparing page by page with the Japanese scs and make the changes to make both consistent with each other. US version had a lot of text that are not even in the Jap scs which is why it was tricky to fix some of them.

    Another example of what I did to fix a skit. For #121, I just simply removed two pages and didn't bother merging them These two pages contained lines "..." and "Yeah?" I removed them because these text were not in the jap version and merging text for this skit just make it way out of sync. Funny thing is that, after I removed them, the removed text are still in the skit, but now they are synced properly now. Maybe the macro lines in the beginning have something to do with this.

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    mamu Guest
    what do you mean by the lines are still in the skit? you mean that it still shows the "yeah" and "..." text in the game despite that you have deleted these pages? also the macro lines have nothing to do with the text, they are only for starting the skit, the actual number of pages is read from the chd.

    i made a little update, it shows the file name in the title now. i'm not sure if merge was the correct word for this, so here is an example.

    Firs I opened both the JP and US MS034.SCS, there are 22 pages in US and 21 in JP. since we will use the jp chd we want to have 21 pages (there can be more in the file, but it will probably crash if there are less). After looking into the pages you can see that page 18 in jp was split to 2 pages in us (to pages 18-19).

    What we have to do is copy the content of p19 into p18, then delete p19.

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    donkatsu Guest
    Yep, exactly what I meant. I took out the actual text and the pages from the scs using the editor. But I can still see them in game which is why it's weird, but it made the skit perfect for me nonetheless. It was a lot of experimenting in terms of how I cut and paste text, etc. I had some issues with editing in general where the spacing and order of the text gets messed up when I make my edits.

    Here is what seems to happen frequently for me: I copy text from one page to another and delete the old page; after I save and reopen the file to confirm, the text are still separated into two pages and the last page is gone instead.

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    mamu Guest
    i fixed a little bug in fps4pack, there was a problem when unpacking.

    i took a quick look on some files:

    - SE3 files are sound in ATRAC3 format. It can hold more than one sound, but in the skit files are only using one for voice. You just have to dump the contents starting from offset 4096. I haven't managed to play them, but i'm sure the atrac codec has worked fine on XP. here are 4 skit voices, i hope someone can convert it.
    - TXM files are headers for textures in TXV. The image dimensions, size, format signature (?) and name are stored here, the image data is is in TXV. the problem is i don't really know what kind of format it uses. Vesperia used DDS files on xbox, but i'm not sure about this one.

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    mamu Guest
    donkatsu: then there is a problem with saving. try to start the program from console/with bat, it will write out internal java errors too. I have tested it with a few files, it should work correctly. What is your java version?

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    donkatsu Guest
    I got the latest version of java. I'll try the console next time. I definitely had some problems with saving. I remember sometimes, I can't open the scs file that I saved or when I try to overwrite the original file, I would get an error. For now though, I was able to fix all the buggy skits that I reported. Thanks again for the editor.

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    mamu Guest
    I haven't thought there would be this many problems with java. I mean, its goal is that a program could run the same way on every device, and yet it works for someone and gives errors for others.

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    mamtsu Guest
    Hey there. First of all, thanks to everyone who contributed to this project. Awesome work so far. I'm having a problem fixing the skit files. When I run skitfix, I get this output:
    JP chat folder: ja_files/chat
    US chat folder: us_files/chat
    Different file found: ja_files/chat/scs/JA/CHT_DC061.scs
    Run fps4pack:
    > fps4pack -u ja_files/chat/chd/CHT_DC061.chd skitfixdir/jp
    CHD/FPS4 unpacker/repacker v1.2 by mamu
    > unpack mode
    Error: FPS4 signature does not match
    Internal error message: No error
    Error: fps4pack finished with error
    Internal error message: No error
    I tried running fps4pack directly, and got the same results (even when using version 1.21).

    From what I understood reading the source code, CHT_DC061.scs should have 0x46505334 as its first four bytes. However, my CHT_DC061.scs has 0x00000010, and most of my other .scs files start with 0x4352494C ("CRIL" in ASCII).

    I tried unpacking some other files and got some that work and some that don't. CHT_DC059.scs suceeds, while CHT_DC059.scs doesn't. Both of them start with "CRIL".

    So... I don't know what is going on. Am I reading the source code wrong and the "signature" is supposed to be somewhere else? Are my files corrupt? In case anyone can check them, my .scs files are here:

    By the way, for anyone having trouble with the gui for cpkcr, make sure you have libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll in the same folder. I was getting an error and an empty log until I realized cpkcr couldn't run because of that missing dll.

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    mamu Guest
    Hi, you have to uncompress the files first. CRIL means CRILayla compression. After that you will have to recompress the new files with CriPackedFileMaker, unpack them, edit the listfile and repack the cpk.

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