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    maybe using an older version of cpkcr.exe? i have had similar error and redownloaded the v1.4 version of cpkcr.exe. though i am using a portable java the gui works fine for me now with updated exe file.

    just incase somebody needs it, i've uploaded my portable version of java 1.6 environment. you can start any java app without installing any java environment.

    just put the .jar archive and all other files in the directory of the portable java and edit the start_app.bat with windows editor right click. put for "X.jar" the app you want to start, for example cpkcrgui.jar or the other one cpkforpgui.jar

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    well i will have to update that guide anyway after fixing skit problems. i made a new gui version, it should show more messages now and also checks if cpkcr is there. if the gui doesn't work you can still use use the exported listfile, follow the p19 guide from step 5.

    The command line would look like this: “cpkcr –f2 rootR_JP.cpk rootR_new.cpk –d C:/mix –l listfile.txt –v” (-l is an L)

    i will update it to realign the skits too, but then cripackedfilemaker has to be downloaded too.

    Nogi: all the files are identical in zoneR, except the whole sce folder and chr/R/zone_d02.ani If these are the model animations then it looks like some frames are missing and modified. It would be good to know what is the problem in that dungeon. Also could you try out skitfix with the fps4pack i posted earlier? What is the last line you see?

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    i tested fps4pack on another system. just as i thought it was my windows going nuts again. your program works perfectly. about the zhonecage, from what i could understand , there are certain crystals that you have to talk to (interact with) in order to proceed. but the talk option doesn't work in undub version.

    so i assume the data about the npc is pointing to somewhere different on jap version or something.

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    Found another bad skit that freezes the game. #323 (CHT_SB007). Replaced it original Jap chd and it works. I think the skit is misaligned near the end.

    #141 also has an issue. This one doesn't freeze... instead, I get an error that says there is an error with the installed game data. Quit the game and trying reinstalling the game data, etc. So, I tried reinstalling the game data, but I still had the same problem. After replacing it with original Jap chd, the skit plays fine, but the text lags behind a page again in the middle.

    #160 (CHT_MS161) freezes; replaced the chd with Jap and it works, but misaligned.

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    hmmm, i'm playing future arc but usually after battle it crashes/hang while music still playing.. anyone find this problem?

    (i'm using jp version with undubbed cpk, maybe because dlc costume i use?)

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    skit #187 (CHT_MS189) also has freezing problem with skitfix/fps4pack.

    skit #196 (CHT_MS198) - freezes the game

    Also want to add that original chd for CHT_MS198 has no sync or misaligned problems.

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    thanks for all the testing!

    I finished the scs editor, it works with both skits and story files so you can easily edit (or translate) all the game script now. The program is easy to use (i hope ), only few things to note: there are "macro commands" in the scs files, things like "start multi-character skit dialog" or "defeated enemies: %d". For the skit files, these are usually the first 13 lines and are in japanese in the US version too. I'm just saying this to be careful about what you edit. Also don't forget about the file extension when saving.

    Pages starting with TAB means character focus change. The US files use horizontal ("normal") tab (byte 9), while the JP files use vertical tab (byte 11). Just in case if you also want to edit JP files.

    For fixing buggy skits, you have to keep the number of pages the same as in the JP scs file. For example, if there are 20 pages in JP and 21 in US you should try to merge 2 pages into one.

    I also took a look on the other files, i will post what i got tomorrow.

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    Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out. I'll test everything out and give you feedback.

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    I just have to say, you guys are doing awesome work and I can't wait to finally play this game!

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    It looks like pages are not merging and the last page is simply removed after I make my changes. Not sure if I messed up somewhere.

    hmm, I think I got the hang of making this work. For me, merging text only worked if I make no space between the texts. Afterwards, I can make the spacing and save the file and it retains the change. Before, for example, If I merge line1 and line2 in a same text box, save and reopen the file, I see that the line 1 and 2 are separated again. But that is not the case, if I make sure there is no space between line1 and line2 before I make the save.

    Hmm... well I didn't have to do that silly trick I mentioned with other files. Not sure what this was about. All I know was that my changes were being reverted before.

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