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  1. #391
    mamu Guest
    you can edit them but not with notepad, you will need to edit the number of texts and text offsets too. every text page ends with 0x00, you just have to replace it with 0x0A (new line), then edit the offset table so it would not point to the middle of the text, but to the next text.

    it sounds a bit complicated but actually is quite simple (and time consuming if you do it manually). but it will work if there aren't too many lines on screen.

  2. #392
    donkatsu Guest
    OK, I just encountered another skit that had problem. Its #121 (CHT_MS122.chd) The repacked version didn't freeze, but the voice timing was way off. Like maybe three seconds or something. Basically, you can hear character 1's voice, but another character's lip was moving. So, I switched back to the original Jap chd and it looked like everything was good with this one, but about mid way through, the text lagged behind by a page.

  3. #393
    Nogitsune Guest
    I tried to look into zoneR.cpk the only different files seem to be all files in \map\sce folder and zone_d02.ani file in \chr\R that is, as long as exact size of files are concerned.

    i don't have a game save for the zhonecage dungeon so i can't test anything. but does anyone know what does sce folder represent ?

  4. #394
    donkatsu Guest
    I'll give this a try. I think I know exactly where to merge the pages with a new line to make the skits sync properly. So, I can just use any hex editor then? Maybe I can use notepad++ with the hex editor plugin.

    If you want to really test this out, you can just download the save from gamefaqs and work off of that.

  5. #395
    mamu Guest
    donkatsu: personally i haven't used notepad for editing, just to take a quick look into files. don't forget to edit the offsets at the beginning of the file too. if there are problems i will try making an editor.

    Nogi: map/area_info is data like where are the nps and what should they say, chr and map are model files, tex are the textures, and i think sce stands for Sony Computer Entertainment maybe because regional SCE offices (like america or japan) would handle the localization. Anyway, those are the texts.. so files are probably contain how the text should look like (bubble size, space between lines, etc.) and sce files are just like the ones for skits.

    I'm updating fps4pack again as some files have a bit different structure.

  6. #396
    donkatsu Guest
    Well, I was going to try changing 0x00 with 0x0A to merge two pages. How do I change the offset? Well I'm not even sure what to change it into.

  7. #397
    mamu Guest
    you have to point to the beginning of a page, but i will make an editor for it later. also here is the latest fps4pack, now you can extract files inside map cpk correctly. some of the files there store filenames too (mostly textures), you can extract them but repack with filenames is not implemented yet.

  8. #398
    Nogitsune Guest
    by the way. what was the issue of zhonecage dungeon exactly?

    i think, earlier in this thread they mentioned some npc that was supposed to lead them there was missing or not working correctly?

    in that case we must replace the area info with jap one?

  9. #399
    seireitei92 Guest
    I encountered error as soon I tried to repacking based on guide on page 32. it's not even bothered giving me any log. I'm using Win 7 and using E: as my root. can anyone help?

    here the screen shot

  10. #400
    Nogitsune Guest
    i got the same error when using the gui version. its most likely because of java installation and windows.

    if you can't solve it, try the console version. i wrote a guide on it in page 19.

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