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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    AndreTrek Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by arktos View Post
    AndreTrek, would you mind to share that script? i have searched the whole day yesterday, but not found any good
    I'm not using the Wii menu translation, i'm doing the translation from scratch on the PS3 eboot, i'll post it once ive translated more stuff.

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Please use the files I attached in a post before, they'll help a ton!

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    arktos Guest
    sorry, i meant that extraction script for cpks?

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    AndreTrek Guest
    Oh, sorry, i misunderstood.


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    arktos Guest
    oh, thank you.

    the script i have, failed on me because the root cpk is not complete on demo as it seems (and that was what Dimkaua meant). i think you all are using the same one as me. nvm

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    Abcool Guest
    It seems i am the only Wii owner on this site so i must take advantage of the situation.

    Arktos - Did your Japanese main story text change to english without manually doing it word for word by just adding the Map file or did you have to change the text manually.

    Tidusnake666 - In that response where you said the Wii had 2 diff files one for auto translate and one for Manual translation. Does this mean the Wii version is easier to hack than the Ps3 version.

    I am trying to figure this stuff out, because if i can take the Main story from the Ps3 version and NPC dialogue and put that into English text then i can play the game with no problem. Since we already have a semi translated Menu (Which seems to be the only problem you guys are having)

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    arktos Guest
    somebody can give me the file list of the jap one, or is it exactly the same on us?

    i have only tested repacking the map cpk from demo so far, nothing more

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    No. Diff files were generated by me. In terms of translation - it's nearly the same for PS3 and Wii.

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    arktos Guest
    you are trying to use that revo patch or just to see needed offsets?

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    Abcool Guest
    Arktos- Idk, if you're meaning me. I wanted to use the alt. dol file Crevox used for his menu patch. He told me everything is stored in one location because the Wii doesn't use EBOOT.

    If this is the case is it possible to just get the english text and NPC dialogue. I have no idea how to make an Alt.Dol, but i can test if you guys make one an copy that MapR1 file (With English Story text etc)

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