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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Nogitsune Guest
    to solus: I tried looking into map files, but can't make heads or tails of it. its cpk files in a cpk with next to no sensible naming.

    so the map related problems like zhonecage dungeon and chests are still there. that is unless someone finds out what file is for what.

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    mamu Guest
    i just found out why fps4pack was crashing, i mistyped a line in the error handling part. here's the fixed version.

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    mamu Guest
    donkatsu: the settings don't matter as you unpack it anyway. (the game uses 32 byte align)

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    donkatsu Guest
    Should I try repacking? fps4pack didn't crash for me though.

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    mamu Guest
    i just looked into the map files, every cpk in it is the collection of files for a location (dungeon, town, area...) or a game feature (like Turtlez transport and system files).

    For example, lanR is the file for Lhant, there are all the voices, story texts, models and textures that will be used in the town. Zhonecage works the same way, its file is zoneR. Lando said that the JP cpks should be repacked with US scs folder, this should fix the black bar/missing texture error too.

    donkatsu: try it, if you get a different sized file then there was a problem last time

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    donkatsu Guest
    Well the chd files look like exactly the same sizes. It'll probably not work, but I'll repack the rootR.cpk again to test.

    Yep, didn't work still crashes on the two skits.

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    Nogitsune Guest
    repack still crashes for me. i think it must be my windows. i just give up.

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    mamu Guest
    i will try looking deeper into the chd files, although i don't really know yet what i could do about it. if the game crashes with replaced voice then there might be something else in the other files too. is there any tool for playing se3 files?

    also here is the latest eboot from the other thread, pascal titles are now translated:

    Nogi: i can't even imagine what could crash now, i handled pretty much everything. does it crash at the beginning or at the end?

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    Nogitsune Guest
    it crashes at the beginning when i use the repack command for fps4pack . it just writes the same "CHD/FPS4 unpacker/repacker v1.1a by mamu". then crashes.

    i'm gonna try the same thing tomorrow at my brother's pc. it's probably my own comp, since everyone else seem to be ok.

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    donkatsu Guest
    turns out CHT_MS103.chd is the file for skit #102.

    Can I just edit the scs file with notepad++ to make the audio match the text? I was thinking about trying this out with skit #34.

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