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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    Yeah I did that and it worked before but the petrified characters problem was there...

    Nevermind, the problem is with my save because I copied my save from the Jap version to the US one... I will try using ps3 save unlocker now and if it didn't work I will continue playing without a dongle...

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    donkatsu Guest
    I didn't even know it was possible to load jap save to US version of a game. Have you tried creating new save after the game loads?

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    Itachi 2121E Guest
    Yes I did that... I think I managed to make the saves work fine expect for some trivial things like the evil difficulty seems to be locked again even though it should be unlocked long ago.

    If you are interested search for PS3 Save Unlocker (maybe not needed but it is safer than copying and pasting only).

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    mamu Guest
    i updated fps4pack so it can handle errors better now. also made a little script for copying the skit lines into the listfile. start as: copychdlines.bat original_listfile skitfixed_filelist

    donkatsu: the first different skit is when you can first go out the first town ("give me orders too"), the second is about the windmills and the third is outside the town again (hubert's cheek). it looks like skit 102 has one more text page in US, but pages can be blank too. I haven't read the texts as i don't want to spoil it

    Nogi: here you go, good programming

    Dongle users: i attached a file, it shows where are the differences. you have to delete 2 lines (do not leave blank lines), then insert some lines after another lines. I wrote down where you will need to insert and what line is there before it. there should be 2121 lines (with 2 lines header and an empty line at the end). Or wait until someone makes a guide/listfile for them.

    If all the skits are working then rootR is actually done. now the only remaining things are the eboot, the last dungeon and that black bar when you enter a new region. these should be in the map files i think. it would be good if someone could test if there is a black bar using the original JP rootR, and for the last dungeon, we should repack the files in map cpks.

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    DeadlyAnGeL Guest
    awesome job mamu! so as of now i the game playable from beginning to end? or is there something game breaking idk about?

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    donkatsu Guest
    mamu, is the skitfix updated from last time to handle exception like skit #102? If so, I can try repacking it. Too bad that I lost the save for it, so I can't really test it...

    OK, so ToGf has a skit viewer. When I can access it, I can test the cpk better.

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    mamu Guest
    no i haven't modified skitfix, just added the new fps4pack next to it. What exactly is the problem with #102? The game crashes? There should be more text in the us one that's why it is repacked.

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    donkatsu Guest
    Well the game just freezes when I start 102. I did go through like first 10 skits from the start and they were fine though.

    The thing is when I played 102 with the chd that wasn't repacked, it played fine. I definitely didn't notice any sync issue between the audio and the sub for this one. Didn't notice anything unusual like extra text or box.

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    mamu Guest
    i just checked it, there should be no problems, this file works the same way as the others. There might be a problem with the data part, like some special timing or texture. Could you try it out wit US chd? Or if there is no need for aligning anyway then you can just use the original.

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    donkatsu Guest
    OK i loaded up a completed game save from gamefaqs and now I have access to skit viewer. I can only access skits that I've seen before though. I also froze on skit 34 which I know for sure was misaligned. Could it be that I didn't repack the files correctly? I think I did all the steps correctly.

    OK, I quickly went through skit 1 - 107 + other skits that are numbered 300+. Only 34 and 102 froze for me.

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