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    Nogitsune Guest
    i'm getting same result as donkatsu. only 21 is done and then it gives "skitfix.exe has encountered a problem" error.

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mamu View Post
    sorry about that, the folder should be "jp", could an admin correct it please?
    I can edit it for ya but is this also a typo or am I misreading... from the few posts above, it sounds like the "jp" folder in THIS guide should be "ja" not jp. If this is correct, let me know and I will update the post.

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    kidling Guest
    oximar released a new version with more translated titles. Here is the original post: ps3iso.com/ps3-game-fix-requests/132452-tales-graces-f-original-usa-5.html#post623404:

    Hubert titles name translated. Now it only remains Malik and Pascal titles name to translate.


    and here the new version:

    Malik titles name translated.


    I do not ask much, but if it helps you all in some way, just say thanks. It costs nothing, and helps the translator to continue translating.

    Thanks for everyone working on this amazing game.

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    waha Guest
    Keep up the good work.

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    mamu Guest
    thanks, and yes, it should be "ja"

    there are some unhandled errors in skitfix, like creating and deleting the unpack folders in skitfixdir. It started out as a batch script, thats why it is so buggy. I will update it soon, looks like it doesn't work for anyone yet

    After you repacked the chd files, you will need to compress them as the cpk size would be over 2GB. You can use CriPackedFileMaker for this (make a new cpk that contains the new files then extract it with the edited bms script).

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    cakku Guest
    donkatsu hey, would you mind uploading the listfile you used to make the undub few days ago?

    it's about only vague part about modding the us version, and should be easier than uploading the whole rootr.cpk


  7. #337
    donkatsu Guest
    OK, just making sure of the steps. After we get the new chd files, only the chd files should be repacked into a new cpk file using CriPackedFileMaker. Afterwards, we can use the modified script with bms to extract the chd files from the newly created cpk file. Now the chd files should be in compressed size and can be mixed into the actual mixed rootR.cpk directory to be repacked using cpkcr.

    Did I misunderstand or does this sound right?

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    mamu Guest
    that's right.

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    donkatsu Guest
    I actually uploaded the rootr.cpk somewhere else. Not sure if I can post the links here.

    Besides, I think I'll need to repackage it anyways to fix the skit align issue. I'll definitely share my listfile when I make the final cpk.

  10. #340
    cakku Guest
    ok, thanks a lot, and also for mamu and all the others who worked on this ^^

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