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  1. #321
    mamu Guest
    i typed it wrong again it should be "ja"

    edit: it works!

  2. #322
    Rusch Guest
    I would like to ask if someone could upload his already fixed Tales of Graces. Or does someone have the links for the japanese version of the game because i can't find any.

  3. #323
    Cfif Guest
    Is anyone actually working on translating the Eboot further?

  4. #324
    bernywtf Guest
    enlight us

  5. #325
    mamu Guest
    i just come back from testing and actually there are 2 methods that could fix aligning problems. There are 77 chd files with different number of texts. We can either repack the chd files (replacing us voice with jp voice or messing with timing) or we can modify the script file (showing more text). Both of them work, but there are some problems:

    - the game cannot show more than 3-4 lines correctly so this method is not really good for us, but it is easy to write translation tools since the script file itself is really simple

    - we can repack the chd files (with fps4pack) but the modified files are about 388 MB so we have to use compression
    I tried CriPackedFileMaker (aka cpkmakec/crimaker.dll) and it works perfectly, just make a new cpk from the repacked chd files and extract them. I don't really know how to use this dll, if somebody knows maybe i could make a file compressor.

    I post the batch repacker tool i made, this is not too user friendly yet but it work. You have to place it next to fps4pack, tell the path of the JP and US chat folder (you don't have to write output folder, i left that text in accidently). It will now go through all the scs files and if there is a difference in the number of texts it will extract both chd file (us and jp), take the jp voice file and repacks it using the us file's timing.

    It also makes a little messy file list. Lines starting with "Same" means same number of texts in both versions. Now you have to copy the correct lines to a listfile that you would use for rebuilding the cpk (eg. exported one from gui).

    This works almost like as the guide on p19 says. You copy your new files over to the mixed folder and copy their lines to the listfile. I know it can take time, thats why this is for testers/devs I also attach my listfile, it is the 'default' one (battle+skits+voices+fonts, exported with gui) but i already copied over the new lines.

    I also attach the list of skit files where are aligning problems. When you unpack these, the important files are file 0 and file 2 (file 1 is voice), the rest of them is identical in both versions.

    Tell me if something was not clear, it is almost midnight here, so typos can happen.

    edit: your repacked files will be in skitfixdir/

    edit2: maybe we should just make a diff patch

  6. #326
    donkatsu Guest
    Where can I get fps4pack? I tried using the skitfix command, but it errored out because I don't have it.

    Anyone know where is the earliest part of game where the sync is not aligned, so that I can test? I don't really remember. I should have made a back up save to test this.

  7. #327
    mave7777 Guest
    Thank you mamu i finally got it working thanks to your last tutorial. Finally i can play this game i've been waiting forever.

  8. #328
    donkatsu Guest
    OK, I found the fps4pack after going back few pages. I'll try it again and see if it works.

    Well I ran skitfix and it doesn't look like it worked. After the output below, it crashes and when I take a look at the skitfixdir/jp I see list of files with names File_xxxxx

    [Register or Login to view code]

  9. #329
    mamu Guest
    Look for lines starting with "Run:", maybe it could help you more. "Run done" shows that fps4pack finished, "Run:" shows the starting parameters of fps4pack.

    also fps4pack should run 231 times (3x77)

  10. #330
    donkatsu Guest
    This is what I get on that line

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Looks like it finds the first chd file which is /CHT_DC007.chd and tries to repack it but errors out afterwards.

    Do I need something else to make the repacking work?

    Also I was wondering how the final repacking will work? Because chd needs to be in uncompressed format for fps4pack to work. All of my files in rootR.cpk are in compressed format. So the fixed skit files will be uncompressed while others files are not. When I repack these mix of files, will the final rootR.cpk work?

    One last thing I wanted to add is that I can extract and repack individual chd files no problem with fps4pack. It's just looks like doing it via skitfix.exe, it only tries to work on the first file and crashes.

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