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    Nogitsune Guest
    zhonecage dungeon probably needs some editing in Map0R.cpk and Map1R.cpk. no one could figure out what is what in those files yet so it probably won't work.

    for now you can just change back to pure jap version at that point in game since your save games will work.

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    mamu Guest
    i made another guide based on the gui version, if you have errors or problems you can also try the one on p19. this is mainly for those on 3.55, dongle users should follow the guide on p19 and make their own listfiles with tocdump.

    What you will need:

    - the US version of the game
    - the JA (Japanese) version of the game
    - java (java.com/en/download/) (if you can't install java follow the guide on p19)
    - about 6 GB of free space
    - quickbms (aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms, first link at the top)
    - unpack_scripts.zip from p29 (post #290)
    - cpkcr_140a.zip (not the src!) from p15 (post #187)
    - cpkcr_gui.zip on p24 (post #239)
    - for CFW users: translated EBOOT, the latest one is on p18 (post #174)


    - make a new folder, for example C:/mix
    - extract unpack_scripts.zip, cpkcr_140a.zip, cpkcr_gui.zip to this folder. all the files must be in this folder, not in separate ones.
    - extract quickbms.exe to this folder.
    - make two new folders, C:/mix/us_files and C:/mix/ja_files
    Now your folder should look like as on the first picture.


    - start quickbms
    - open C:/mix/cpk_unpack_modified.bms
    - open the JA version's PS3_GAME/USRDIR/rootR.cpk
    - select C:/mix/ja_files
    - it will now unpack the files. if you have errors, your rootR file is damaged or you don't have enought space
    - when it's done, start quickbms again
    - open C:/mix/cpk_unpack_modified.bms
    - open the US version's PS3_GAME/USRDIR/rootR.cpk
    - select C:/mix/us_files
    - it will now unpack the files. if you have errors, your rootR file is damaged or you don't have enought space
    - do not forget: copy the Sys folder (in the US) USRDIR to us_files (copy the whole folder, not only its contents). If have done it right, you should have an "en" and a "ja" folder in the Sys folder, there should be a SysString.bin file in both.


    - run cpkcrgui by either starting rungui.bat or the jar file itself
    - if you cannot run it for some reason, update/install java or use the command line (see p19)
    - select your JA rootR.cpk as original
    - select C:/mix as folder (the folder where us_files and ja_files are)
    - select "Use different folders"
    - type ja_files to JA box and us_files to US box
    - if you want japanese battle sounds (like Hyaa! or Take this!), check "Battle sounds"
    - if you want japanese chats after battle (like Oh, is it over already?), check "Battle skits"
    - if you want every non-battle voice in japanese (skits and talking), check "Voices"
    - you should use "Original font" if you use translated eboot (and we will use it)
    - It should now look like as on picture 2 (can be different filenames of course)

    - now click on "Export listfile" and save it as listfile.txt (or whatever you want)
    - click Yes on the following dialog box
    - now you can click on "Repack", save your file to C:/mix as rootR.cpk
    - now it starts repacking, in a few minutes it should show you the result:
    if it says "cpkcr encountered an error, ..." there is a problem with java, try updating it
    if if says "There was an error, see log", click on "Show log" and scroll to the bottom to see what was the problem. If you really don't know what does it mean, post the error.
    if it says "Done" your file is ready to use.

    - Dongle users: you should load your own listfile, check Ex. listfile and open it then click Repack

    Testing, cleaning up and transfer:

    - if you want, you can test the new rootR by running quickbms and selecting cpkk_unpack_original.bms as script. If it is successful, then probably there will be no errors in game.
    - you can now delete the us_files and ja_files folder
    - copy your new rootR over the old one (be sure to make backups!)
    - copy the movies folder from US to JA if you want dubbed cutscenes or leave them if you want the japanese ones (don't worry there are subtitles)
    - extract and overwrite the original EBOOT with the translated one (Dongle users should use their own)
    - copy the game over to your PS3 (if you haven't already)

    Common problems:

    The gui crashes/cpkcr has encountered an error: probably a problem with java, try updating it or use the command line guide on p19
    Error 8xxxxxxxx when starting the game: problem with the eboot, you have to use the translated/patched one
    Black screen when starting: Missing file or using the US rootR.cpk or trophy file
    Infinite loading: problem with cpk file or using the US rootR.cpk, try repacking it again and test it

  3. #313
    mamu Guest
    Lando said that the dungeon files in one of the map cpk should be repacked with US scripts for Zhonecage to work

  4. #314
    zhentmd04 Guest
    "copy the Sys folder (in the US) ISRDIR to us_files (copy the whole folder, not only its contents). If have done it right, you should have an "en" and a "jp" folder in the Sys folder"

    ok for some reason, I have "ja" and "en" folders in the US Sys folder instead of en+jp, should I rename "ja" to "jp"? thx

  5. #315
    Nogitsune Guest
    ja is the right one. don't modify the folder structure on your own.

    ps. "jp" in mamu's post is just a typo. infact it's namco's fault. they thought "hey foreigners call our country japan. so the region must be ja?" but you can't right the developers now can you.

  6. #316
    zhentmd04 Guest
    I got a problem when running GUI-when I was about to repack the files... here's my log

    [Register or Login to view code]

    I am running win7 btw, please help

  7. #317
    Nogitsune Guest
    seems like it can't find the filelists.txt , make sure to put the txt. (whether you generate it using gui or using your own) . on the same folder as the rest of the stuff.

    ps. unfortunately i cannot test the problems regarding the gui version. since my windows is being tricky with java programs. (i should stop meddling with core windows files )

  8. #318
    zhentmd04 Guest
    Yeah, I changed the directory of filelist.txt to c:mix and now it works, stupid win7 Thanks for your help Mamu and Nogitsune! Gui worked like a charm, skits, items are mostly in english, i will test to see if i can run JP DLC now

    Ok, tested DLCs, seem to be working. One more thing to add to Mamu's guide, replace the JP Map0, Map1cpk files (in USDIR) with the U.S Map.cpks, then the main story/regular dialogues will be in English text

    Again, thanks very much for samu and the others who contributed into making the undubbed version possible!

  9. #319
    mamu Guest
    sorry about that, the folder should be "jp", could an admin correct it please? or could i edit the post myself? originally the titles (like "What you will need") were underlined but i messed it with quick edit. it's not a big deal but would look better.

    by the way, i think i know how to fix the skit aligning problem. they are actually in the scs files, i'm working on it right now.

  10. #320
    Nogitsune Guest
    oh.. and here i was searching for hours inside the chd . oh well. nice work mamu , maybe i can finally get rid of all the annoying english x3.

    btw you wrote "the folder should be "jp"" ?!!

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