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  1. #301
    momba87 Guest
    Hey there I have a question where can I download a patched version of tales? I hope that I'm not be stoned

  2. #302
    mave7777 Guest
    Can anyone upload there repacked rootR.cpk. I've been trying this for about 2 days now and i can't get it to work. I've tried both methods and i can't seem to get it to repack.

  3. #303
    mamu Guest
    i have tried out some combinations, but the game doesn't work if i change even one byte. maybe this has something to do with Sce-Np-Trophy-Signature in the sfm files.

    the game starts installing the trophies then gives black screen at 3%, or instantly if i use the us trp unmodified

  4. #304
    bernywtf Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
    alright everyone just . copy and paste below line in cmd. then turn "?" to "-". i tested this about 5 times to make sure =p

    cpkcr –f rootR_JP.cpk –d us_files –l rootR_mixed.txt –v
    had the same problem in the beginning, but then i remembered that every characters in ascii is different between keyboard languages, so writing it without pasting it is the better thing to do

  5. #305
    zhentmd04 Guest
    So for Nogitsune's guide on 19, is that for non dongle users? I want to know if items like shards, eleth mixer, misc items are translated or not, I could careless about the trophy. Also is there a way to make the victory quotes undubbed? I prefer no or minimal english voice if possible


  6. #306
    Tisun Guest
    It works on 3.55 and the victory quotes are undubbed, but seeing as you can't understand them without knowing Japanese, you're better off finding a way to make them dubbed. Most items are translated including shards, but the Elteh Mixer items are not translated.

  7. #307
    Nogitsune Guest
    to zhentmd04 : if you follow the guide on page 19 your skits and battle quotes will be in english. however i did an update on the guide in page 22, if you follow that you'll have them in japanese.

    there will be a problem with the skits though. their text will be in english but it wont align well with the voices and you cant read the whole thing. so you may want to keep them in english.

  8. #308
    DeadlyAnGeL Guest
    So has anyone uploaded the prepatched files or no?

  9. #309
    bernywtf Guest
    they're 2gb each, doubt anyone will

  10. #310
    zhentmd04 Guest
    Does anyone know if the end game dungeon-Zhongcage works using the guide on page 19?

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