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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    arktos Guest
    so all this does not work? my luck i am too lazy

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    Vajonah Guest
    ok i think i got it - it boots and plays and ive played abtou 20 mins - I've noticed a few things are still in JAP like a few skills and notices after battle etc - is that normal?

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    Nogitsune Guest
    mamu i tried to unpack CHT_MS001.chd, but it says. "Error: FPS4 signature does not match". also i couldn't find the signature in hex editor. could you please explain a bit more? thanks

    to vajonah: yes, a few things are still in japanese , its because of eboot.

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    mamu Guest
    it should look like this, this is the uncompressed cht_ms001.chd, the green box at offset 24 (in every file) shows that the file type/signature is at 172, so you have to type chtd when repacking. feel free to ask if you have any questions

    edit: sorry i forgot to post that this works with uncompressed files

    edit2: for repacking files we could try the leaked cri file manager, but i don't now if it's ok to distribute it. It uses the same compression method, so if you make a custom cpk then extract it while keeping compression you have a compressed file. i haven't tried it yet, just an idea.

    edit3: i meant recompressing

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    Nogitsune Guest
    i mistakenly used the compressed chd on the first try. extracted chd with original unpack script. now it extracts the chd perfectly. now to find out which file is responsible for which action...

    though if the realignment is distributed among the whole 242 MS files. it'll be impossible edit. anyway thanks for the tool.

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    Lukah Guest
    So, is there any way to make the password chests and Zhonecage working? And thanks for the tools and the guide.

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    Nogitsune Guest
    for now try switching between jap version and undub version. same eboot works for both.

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    shinintendo Guest
    At the end of the project, will there be some kind of easy to use patcher that you can set directory to jap and eng versions respectively and it will run it through?

    cause starting to replace 4k small files within a zipped liked file (repacking and packing >.<) seems like a pain in the...

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    mamu Guest
    today i tried to make the trophies to english, i extracted the US TROPCONF.SFM (the file where trophy names and descriptions are), made a custom one with keeping the JP trophy signature and id (first and third line) but using the US trophy titles, and I copied this file to /home/<numbers>/trophy/npwr01205_00/ but it looks like there is a trophy cache somewhere, as the trophies didn't change.

    anyone knows something more about the trophy files? Alternatively, i could try making another repacker (ugh..) but then the trophy data must be reinstalled.

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    Lando43 Guest
    mamu, first delete the trophy file and then load the game you should get an error and the trophy will be gone, no replace it in the game folder and load the game again to install the new modified trophy set.

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