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    arktos Guest
    so i've looked at this rootR.cpk from demo, and there should be 2109 files in there, at least from demo. i have made the proper folders for the files to extract, if someone is interested (you can view the proper toc with cpk_view.exe on offset 2064)...

    the only way to extract these new cpks seems some generic extractor based on offsets or manual extraction, but with these lot files no fun. maybe someone who is able to update this quickbms script?

    i've noticed quickbms can extract about 696 files and other cpk tools only 669, whereas all these seem to be broken and not correct, but i am not sure.

    but i have repacked the map cpk and it worked fine on demo, so repacking with the free tool should work.

    best and easiest would be some leak...and then there is still the jap eboot. in the end it will be a tb only

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    shinintendo Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by niwakun View Post
    I can confirm that 99.99% of the Items/Menu/Skills are in EBOOT. And it's a lot's of them.

    Chest password are in EBOOT. And you can change them if you want to, but still you might want to stay it on japanese text since the password input in the game is locked in Kanji text.
    By kanji text do you mean kana? since the only character input in the game I saw is katakana and I tried to put in kana the right password (checked many sources in japanese online) and chest still doesn't open.

    Can I send you the eboot and you check it up with my file?

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    Dimkaua Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by arktos View Post
    so i've looked at this rootR.cpk from demo, and there should be 2109 files in there, at least from demo. i have made the proper folders for the files to extract, if someone is interested (you can view the proper toc with cpk_view.exe on offset 2064)...
    Hmm... interesting idea. I will check structure of cpk in hex-editor. Thanks!

    arktos, But how i have archive with same size (+/- some bytes) after packing extracted data?

    How small demo can contain such big number of files? Even bigger than full version?

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    AndreTrek Guest
    I've been able to edit and translate some things in the eboot, from what i can see, most menu related stuff is in the eboot, such as item names/descriptions and skills.

    Also, rergarding the .cpk, from what i can see, the quickbms script i have extracts everything properly, all of the folders are correct and the total file number is 2111, i just haven't been able to make a .cpk that this game can read.

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    shinintendo Guest
    I think to actually make a progress here you should pm Tidusnake666 and he will arrange short of a meeting place like mirc/messenger type of communication. everyone working alone or multi-teams leads to a wasted effort for all.

    you can find a workaround much faster this way, just saying.

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    Abcool Guest
    Dimkaua, I know nothing about writing codes or indepth hacking, but since i am a Wii owner an i be on the Project M boards a lot i can answer this question. The Wii runs a progress called Riivolution in which you can replace in game sounds, textures, fix glitches just about anything with no limited number of spaces for coding.

    It's just not completely RAM depended and redirecting everything to the SD card. This is how that Tales team was able to even consider translating the entire game without need of burning the data to a new disc. I saw they was using the same type of app for the ps3 called Revolution. Since they were both Translating the Wii and PS3 versions of the game at the same time before they dropped the project.

    In other words the data it self can be bigger than the full version of the game, because it doesn't need the memory from the disc to be able to access the coding since it is being redirected to some other source with unlimited space to write as much coding as possible or big enough to translate the whole game.

    Idk, though all of this may make no sense since i only know about Brawl hacking and translation hacking might be completely different. So if i am completely wrong just ignore this post.

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    arktos Guest
    AndreTrek, would you mind to share that script? i have searched the whole day yesterday, but not found any good

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    I've managed to port Wii translation to PS3, but somewhere I made a mistake and a game refuses to run.

    I'm forced to drop this project, I have literally no time for it, have a lot of pressure on the work.
    I'll pass everything I know/have made to dimkaua.

    AndreTrek, if you've managed to port this translation by yourself and have it running - you can also share your work.

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    arktos Guest
    i think, if the repacked cpk does not work, then there must be hardcoded offsets in elf file which needs to be corrected.

    edit my mistake. it seems the demo is not complete with all files in the cpk file, thus the script not working. i should be quiet and let you guys work...

    about repacking, do you select 64 data alignment and no compression?

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Okay, I've found an error myself, pretty much a lot of my work is useless now.

    I have to share some info. Below are 2 files made as a diff of Wii translation (one of them is a string diff - usefull for manual translations, other - binary diff, usefull for automatic translations.)

    We have to write a program to parse binary diff on the eboot and then correct some things manually. It shouldn't be much of a problem to someone averagely-knowing C/Pascal/Java, but as I sai, I have no time.

    I have asked the original author of translation for the permission, he isn't against using his work, so these 2 files infiringe no copyrights.

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