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  1. #271
    rezarhb Guest
    oh wait, now gui working

    thanks mamu

  2. #272
    geniuschen Guest
    Worked for me. just follow Nogitsune's guide. You should use JP as the base.

    If it still black screen try to fix the permission using mm? The GUI didn't work for me though.

  3. #273
    jadekitten Guest
    working yay, has anyone tried swapping the movies out? the English voices really are awful lol

  4. #274
    Nogitsune Guest
    ... I'm pretty sure the movies were in Japanese... or I'm wrong?

  5. #275
    Tisun Guest
    The movies are in Japanese...

  6. #276
    jadekitten Guest
    oh i forgot to re-transfer the movies lol well if anyone wants english movies there you go lol

  7. #277
    Nogitsune Guest
    i just tried testing to see if i can align skit's text with Japanese voice correctly. on a skit in chapter 2 barona. i made rootR.cpk with only CHT_DCXXX.chd in chat/chd folder from US version . no change in skit. then i tried the same with CHT_MSXXX.chd files. this time the text was right but the voice turned back to english.

    i think the problem is on some texts where japanese version only needed one box for the whole text but english needs two. so it won't align well. either way I gave up. maybe someone will find my test results useful.

  8. #278
    fantopoulos Guest
    yes it is pretty annoying i get he exact same problem as you , unfortunately


  9. #279
    mamu Guest
    i checked the chd files, i can make an unpacker/repacker. The file has to be uncompressed for this, so only edit those where are problems with the skits, as these chd files can increase the cpk size a lot. Or if there are too many problems we can just use the US font.

    For those who have problems with cpkcr or gui, please post the error (or the whole message log)! Missing arguments means something is wrong with the command line parameters, Could not open means the file is missing or locked by another program (for example, a hex editor). Also do not forget to put the gui (the jar/bat file) next to the program (the exe, on windows), the gui is only for starting it without typing in the commands.

    I will write a guide if there are a lot of problems (or maybe Nogitsune wants to update it? ).

  10. #280
    Nogitsune Guest
    unfortunately i couldn't get the gui run myself. it just gives an ambiguous error (cpkcr.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close).
    i think the problem is my windows though. the program itself says look at the log. which is non existent.

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