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    Junior Member jadekitten's Avatar
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    i even started the whole prep over completely, same problem

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    that's my mixed game dir
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    hmm, i'm trying the tools that mamu made, but it give errors

    and i already change from i to l in cmd but still giving errors missing arguments

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    i had the same problem, try the gui version

  4. #264
    jadekitten you're using JP version as base right?

  5. #265
    i'm trying to repacking using the gui, but it says "Could not open D:\mix/btl/acf/att001.acf"

    maybe its bad files?

  6. #266
    i've been copying things over the us version

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    you should use JP version as base and copy map0R.cpk , map1R.cpk from us to jp USRDIR.

    unless you own a dongle?

  8. #268
    check that you copied the whole directory and not only the skit files

  9. #269
    i already checked, and the files are in there.

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    to rezarhb : i attached a picture of my own screen. that's exactly how it should look like when using the console cpkcr.

    i can't seem to get the gui one working. just crashes for me. probably something wrong with my windows
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