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  1. #231
    Nogitsune Guest
    just checking. you're using "L" in "-l rootR_mixed.txt" right? in case you mistook it with "I"

    because i just double checked and did everything again. no problem

  2. #232
    Tisun Guest
    I'm getting the same problem Nogitsune, both typed it out and copied it from your post.

    Got it working, I think it needs l not L to work

  3. #233
    Nogitsune Guest
    yes it needs "l". i just wrote "L" to emphasize it not being "I".

    also if you copy from the post. "-" will turn into "?". if you turn them back it'll work without problems

  4. #234
    jadekitten Guest
    can someone help me out please?

    J:\mix>cpkcr -f rooR_JP.cpk -d us -l rootR_mixed.txt -v |more
    ::ERROR:: Missing arguments!

  5. #235
    Nogitsune Guest
    alright everyone just . copy and paste below line in cmd. then turn "?" to "-". i tested this about 5 times to make sure =p

    cpkcr –f rootR_JP.cpk –d us_files –l rootR_mixed.txt –v

  6. #236
    jadekitten Guest


    i did but there's no ? to change and it still doesn't work

  7. #237
    Nogitsune Guest
    i can't think of anything else. the command i wrote is complete.

    if you're using windows 7 you might want to try running cmd as administrator. (i'm on xp and never really worked with 7)

  8. #238
    mamu Guest
    i just finished the gui, maybe it will be easier with this.

  9. #239
    mamu Guest
    How to use:

    First, unpack the archives if you haven't already, and don't forget the us sysstrings. on the top, you can select the original rootR (or possibly other files) and the folder where you have unpacked your files.

    you can use two different folders for jp and us files (so you don't have to move any files) or you can use a mixed one just as before. If you have unpacked to separate folders, you have to select the the folder at the top where the two folders are, select the second option in the middle (use different folders) and set the name of the folders. For example, if you have unpacked to C:/rootRs/jp and C:/rootRs/us you have to select C:/rootRs at the top, and write jp and us as folder names.

    Check the undub options if you want then press the "Export listfile" button. You can use that listfile right away for repacking. Then press the Repack button and you can save the cpk. The message log will update when it's done (because i haven't managed to do it correctly with threading).

    Note: Exported listfiles are only for JP rootR, but you can use your own files too.

    Edit: I left out two letters from the bat file, here is the fix.

  10. #240
    Join Date
    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by Nogitsune View Post
    could an admin please edit that part so people won't get confused?
    I updated your previous post with the corrected line and also the original post HERE, if it needs further changes let me know.

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