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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    donkatsu Guest
    I thought there were problems with quickbms if the files you are adding is bigger than the source file?

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    mamu Guest
    yes, you cannot increase the size, as it only reinjects the file. looks like it really works for mapXR files but it crashed for rootR after about 110 files for me. I also wonder if the game could open it correctly (because of the stored sizes), did you confirm it in game?

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    Lando43 Guest
    no, not tested, I was just testing if can edit the map files with it, it's a lot of trouble, pack and unpacking all of those files. and testing is hard, becasue I don't know which file is for which location. so if I knew which cpk is for the first area in the game, I could test easily.

    from quickbms readme it says if the file size is not very different it still works. files between jp and us are not that different in size. specially if you keep the voices from jpn it should work I guess. your tools are fool proof anyway so no problem there, it's just another way to repack.

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    rezarhb Guest


    Strange..,why i get errors when i'm using cmd following guide from Nogitsune?

    after i typed the D:\mix\cpkcr –f rooR_JP.cpk –d us_files –l rootR_mixed.txt –v it says ERRORS:Missing

    someone know about this?

    i'm following the guide so far and not getting problem until this

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    Nogitsune Guest
    to rezarhb what does it say is missing? can you write the full error?

    ps. oh damm... i have a typo in that post i just noticed...

    its “cpkcr –f rootR_JP.cpk –d us_files –l rootR_mixed.txt –v”

    could an admin please edit that part so people won't get confused?

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    rezarhb Guest
    it says that missing arguments

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    rezarhb Guest
    umm... i already change it the name rooR to rootR since i saw it in cmd but it still errors missing arguments

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    Nogitsune Guest
    that's odd.. it shouldn't give any errors.

    you have cpkcr, rootR_JP.cpk , rootR_mixed.txt and "us_files" folder in D:\mix . right?

    also it should look like this after you type and enter.

    D:\mix> cpkcr –f rootR_JP.cpk –d us_files –l rootR_mixed.txt –v

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    mamu Guest
    yes testing can be troublesome, i was running between the pc and ps3 last week it's always good to have more tools but that size limit can cause nightmares.

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    rezarhb Guest
    yes, i followed every the guide says except the cmd rooR i change it to rootR.

    i already checks every files is in the folders.

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