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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    zhentmd04 Guest
    would someone be so kind and upload the completed undub files for dummies?

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    donkatsu Guest
    I'm planning on uploading my rootR.cpk file which would work with ToGf, but I want to test it a bit more before I do. Don't want to release something and realized I missed some files.

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    Nogitsune Guest
    here's an small update for my step by step guide in page 19:

    only step 4 changes along with rootR_mixed.txt

    4) copy the "\snd" and "\sys" folder from jp_files to us_files.
    copy all files in "\btl\acf" that begin with "skt" and "vav" (ex: skt000.acf) from jp_files to us_files.
    copy "\chat\chd" folder from jp_files to us_files.

    all other steps are the same . except you must use rootRmixed.txt attached here and put it in your C:/mix (or any root folder you are working in) along with all other things.

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    Cfif Guest
    It still seems to be stuck on the infinite load for me. All I did was use the US rootR as the base, copied the sys folder in it, copied the 4 sys strings from the JP to US txt file and repacked it. It unpacked fine afterwards too. But it still seems to be stuck on the initial infinite loading screen.

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    me3mo0o Guest
    i got problem with ints row 3 ??

    plz help

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    Nogitsune Guest
    follow the guide i posted in page 19. you should get no error. i used jp rootR as base with us_files extracted from us rootR. and be sure to use the original unpack script from quickbms site for rootR testing.

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    Cfif Guest
    I used the "CRI CPK archives (script 0.2.2) (*.cpk)" script from the QuickBMS website, and it seems to crash around "btl/acf/ene261.acf". Could it be something wrong with my US game files? I'm still unsure about the original unpacking either, since a lot of the files end up being compressed and don't match the sizes in the txt file.

    I know it's probably a long shot, but I'd appreciate if someone could upload their Root.cpk w/ everything in english, including the voices on Mediafire or something, but it's probably too much to ask...

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    mamu Guest
    I noticed an unused feature of the listfiles (why haven't i used this earlier?). actually you can use two separate folders for us and jp files, you don't have to mix the actual files. the program will select the one on the list. unpack the cpks to folders jp and us, replace " " (space) in the lists with jp/ and us/ , make your mixed listfile as usual and then cpkcr will read jp files from jp dir and us files from us dir. i'm also making a gui for it, so wait a bit with new guides

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    mamu Guest
    When you uncompress the US cpk (with the original script), the file sizes should match with the list. If they aren't then probably something is wrong with your cpk.

    Also I don't know if it would be legal to upload the whole file, but the guide on page 19 will work if your files are good.

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    Lando43 Guest
    just noticed you can repack any of cpks (not just the main 3 files in ToGf) with quickbms reimport shortcut and the modified scripts actually, no need for list files or anything, just put only the files you need in a folder and it picks just those up and keeps the rest untouched in the archive, works a lot faster. you probably didn't need to make tools mamu :| sorry for all the trouble.

    if someone wants to work on map cpk files you can just use quickbms to repack them. replacing scs (this contains all the scrips) folder by the ones in the English files and repacking them back should fix all the map related problems and missing black texture. problem is there are many files and testing each cpk one by one takes a lot of time I don't have.

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