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  1. #191
    Nogitsune Guest
    solus ouch i just noticed your name is solus, not souls... .. if only i could edit a post >.<... sorry for getting it wrong.

  2. #192
    donkatsu Guest
    Hmmm... would copying the whole chat/chd folder make the text in skits Japanese too? Definitely going to try out those files when I get back home. Thanks.

  3. #193
    Itachi 2121E Guest
    Thanks for everything people...

    I'll wait till someone makes a full undub including the battle victory voices or/and anything else in English.

  4. #194
    Lando43 Guest
    at donkatsu, no, keeping the chd folder from JP rootR works fine. texts are in the other folder inside chat folder. it's chat/chd and chat/scs . you need chd folder from JP and scs from US, works fine.

  5. #195
    donkatsu Guest
    oh does that mean that you tested this already? Does this includes the battle voice or just skits?

    oh never mind this is just the skit. I'll hold off on any more questions until I can actually try repacking the files.

  6. #196
    Lando43 Guest
    that's only for skits (press Select), victory quotes after battle are in btl folder. trying to find them still, not tested battle quotes.

    UPDATE on victory quotes: replacing skt files did it... for the most part. still some words are English. but mostly it's Japanese. there must be more files. other than skt__.acf ones

  7. #197
    Nogitsune Guest
    about the occasional Japanese texts that appear. like in tutorial etc. any idea where they come from?

  8. #198
    Lando43 Guest
    must be the eboot

  9. #199
    donkatsu Guest
    Maybe it comes from the eboot? I used the US version and only replaced the snd folder from Jap version. I can confirm that I got all the text in English.

  10. #200
    Nogitsune Guest
    only snd. might be a dumb question but. what are sysstring.bin and other things in sys folder for exactly?

    because i copied that and snd for my rootR. if its not the sys folder (which i think is not) then its definitely eboot

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