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  1. #181
    khalidali99 Guest
    Thanks man

  2. #182
    donkatsu Guest
    I think I got myself a full undub using US version as the base since I got TB;I just swapped out the snd folder. Thanks a lot for the tools mamu. The only problem I had was that the provided file list for US version (2111 files) didn't match my US rootR.cpk file (has 2118 files). So, I used tocdump -dlist ep to create the file list for the US rootR.cpk file then swapped out the lines and ran cpkcr. I just ran the game for first 10 minutes to confirm that it works. Hopefully, there aren't any problems with this copy I made. Thanks once again, I really appreciate it.

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    Lando43 Guest
    good to hear, the English is dub is terrible from what I played, undub is the way to go.

  4. #184
    donkatsu Guest
    I was going to play the jap version since I knew some japanese. I could never go back to dubs for jrpg after enjoying some of the undubs out there. I was pleasantly surprised to check this thread again and find out that mamu made repackers that works for ToGf.

  5. #185
    Lando43 Guest
    just made my rootR file for undub. now what changes should I make in map cpk files to fix the glitch?

    inside the map cpk there is only more cpks, so replacing them won't help. we have to modify these cpks inside the map cpk. if it's zhonecage map that has the problem, one of those cpks must be for that area, if we find it, then it needs to be extracted and modified. don't know if mamu's tools work with any other cpk other the 3 main cpks for the game. the issue is minor anyway.

  6. #186
    Solus Guest
    Was actually looking for it a while ago, would also like to see a fix for the chests that have passwords. Also, which files are the victory quote voices I know it's in the btl folder at least.

  7. #187
    Nogitsune Guest
    Ok here’s the step by step guide I promised earlier: here I’ll explain the exact steps I followed to make my own cpk work. Even someone new to computers should be able to follow this.

    1) Download both JP and US version of the game. also quickbms and the edited unpack script (original unpack script can be found in same site as quickbms).

    2) Venture in \PS3_GAME\USRDIR of both versions and copy “rootR.cpk” of us and jp version in one folder (ex: C:\mix) . Rename the jp rootR to “rootR_JP.cpk” and the us rootR to “rootR_US.cpk”. Make two folders inside “C:\mix” name them “us_files” and “jp_files”. Extract and copy cpkcr.exe in C:\mix (if you’re getting “libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll” error. google and download the dll then put it in the same folder as cpkcr.exe). also put the “rootR_mixed.txt” in C:\mix.

    3) Now run quickbms in the window that opens. First open the “cpk_nds.bms” (edited unpack script), then rootR_JP.cpk and lasltly go in “jp_files” folder and press save. Repeat this process but this time with rootR_US.cpk and “us_files” folder.

    4) Now copy the “snd” and “sys” folder from “jp_files” into “us_files”.

    5) Go in start->run . write “cmd” and enter. In the window that opens write the drive letter of your folder like so “C:” then write the full path like so “cd C:\mix”. Then write “cpkcr –f rootR_JP.cpk –d us_files –l rootR_mixed.txt –v” wait until everything’s done. Rename the rootR_JP.cpk to “rootR.cpk”

    6) (optional) use the original unpack script cpk.bms to extract the rootR.cpk you just made. If it gives no errors, you’re good.

    7) Copy the map0R.cpk and map1R.cpk from USRDIR of us version and overwrite the ones in jp version (make a backup first). Also overwrite the rootR.cpk that is in jp version with the one you just made (again don’t forget the backup). Also overwrite the eboot.bin with the one you downloaded.

    And that’s it , your game should run perfectly. very few things are not translated. And also after battle victory cries and the cut scenes that come up with select are English (makes you realize how bad the voices are xD) . Also seems like the map.cpk files should be edited for the post game dungeon. I’ll update later on if needed. For now I hope this helps the most basic of users to be able to enjoy the undubbed game.

    And lastly , Sorry if it all seems too obvious or no help at all. I tried to be helpful on my part.

    All the files and info are thanks to mamu and souls (who gave me the eboot and edited unpack script). I just simplified the steps I took so no one else would get stuck for a few hours like I did . Download the eboot from souls post and cpkcr.exe from mamu’s. I attached the edited unpack script and the rootR_mixed.txt (the one I used).

  8. #188
    Lando43 Guest
    solus for battle quotes, I think they are in skt___.acf files in the btl folder. checked some of them in Hex Editor and there are .SE3 format files inside which is audio format. can't do a repack right now. will test later if someone else doesn't.

  9. #189
    donkatsu Guest
    oh so the snd folder doesn't contain all the voices. I only tested mine for few minutes, so didn't check the skits and the battle voices. I guess I'll have to try experimenting when I have the chance.

  10. #190
    Solus Guest
    The skits are in chat/chd folder and the battle voices are in the btl folder somewhere, might be the skt__.acf files

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