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Thread: Fixing Tales of Graces F for PS3 CFW 3.55

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    Cfif Guest
    Is there a way to compare them, or should I just divide them all by 8?

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    Nogitsune Guest
    bah. this 2 minute limit on editing makes me nervous... i meant to say its in bytes not kilo bytes and the 1024 makes the numbers not match perfectly if you just divide by 10

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    Cfif Guest
    It seems like the starting (btl/acf/att001.acf etc.) files match in size...and then I get to something like chat/chd/CHT_DC062.chd, where the txt file says 1,798,592, and the file I extracted is 372,952. I used the script posted a few posts before.

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    Solus Guest
    ou sure you're using the jp rootr? Also this is the lastest eboot by Oxinar

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    Nogitsune Guest
    now that you mention it.. mine's in 372,952 too lol... gonna make a list with tocdumb and see.

    ps. thanks again souls

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    Solus Guest
    I don't think the numbers on the left are the size. Or maybe it is but it doesn't matter as it shows the same thing for me and everything is working fine.

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    Nogitsune Guest
    1798592 128 1144 CHT_DC062.chd this is from my own rootR.cpk taken with tocdump2. whether its size or id . it shows the right one from the list so i guess the rootR is okay. not to mention i made the edited rootR and extracted with quickbms again so it should be right.

    ok game came up. installing now. my thanks go to mamu and souls.

    wanted to play this game for a long time. i'll start working on a step by step guide later on when i get a chance.

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    Solus Guest
    Glad it worked out. I'm going to start working on the eboot so we can get more stuff translated faster as well.

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    mamu Guest
    wow 3 pages already? that's a really nice thing to see

    there are 2111 files in the jp rootR and a bit more in the us but you have to copy the sysstrings and make the lines for it manually in the listfile (to the same place as in the jp list) when you make a list with tocdump. For every file there are two sizes, the compressed and the uncompressed (extracted) size. the programs can get how big is your file right now but you have to tell how big it should be. that's the extracted size in the listfile.

    I wrote something wrong in the post, you should use the jp rootR as original file in cpkcr, since the two sysstring are not in the us cpk. you can keep using the jp sysstrings, i didn't notice too many things when I used the us files.

    for unpacking use the modded script and for testing use the original one. the size in the listfiles should match the uncompressed size of the files (in bytes), and if you cannot uncompress it on pc then the game would not either. if it gives 80000numbers error, something is wrong with the eboot. black screen shows missing files (i think) and infinite loading means problem with the cpk (missing file or wrong sizes).

    by the way, are the skit voices in the chd files? i just opened one in hex and there are sound files, so those who want an undub might not want to replace them there is a fps4 format unpacker somewhere, if someone wants to check it or what is in these files.

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    Cfif Guest
    I tried using the US rootR and I think that might be what not makes the game load for me (stuck on the loading screen). I basically unpacked both, and copied the font files from the JP to the US version. It didn't sound right to me, and it doesn't work. SO I guess I need to do the opposite. What files should I copy from the US to JP if I want the English voices? If I just copy everything it'll probably just end up like it did the last time for me and won't work.

    I'm guessing the error is with the size of the files? How do I uncompress them?

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