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    Final Fantasy XIII-2 PS3 on CFW

    How do I backup Final Fantasy XIII-2? I just got the game, and believe I am on Geohot's 3.55 CFW that I had installed long ago, and have since stopped messing with it.

    I am also using Multiman as backup manager. Whenever trying to play a backup I get error 80010017. Whenever trying to play the original, I am prompted to update to 3.74 or later. So how do I create a use-able backup, as the backups that I currently have are not?

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    Um.... As I recall, Final Fantasy XIII-2 still can't be played to ANY CFW. You can copy and make a backup for the game from it's Original BD to PS3 HDD via Multiman but, to play the game you still need to fix or patch the EBOOT

    So, even if you are using 3.55 Geohot CFW / Rebug CFW / Kmeaw CFW, the game won't play.

    I hope this help

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    Thanks, I was not sure where to look for to find this information.

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    Your welcome

    If there is any question, please don't hesitate to ask. Everyone in here are gladly to help

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    I believe FF13-2 needs FW 3.70 or so I've read

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    It's 3.74. There's also a 1.02 patch out but I'm not sure what keys were used for that. CFW could be in luck if it's signed with a lower sdk

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    I hope that DUPLEX do something about this before those DRM infected Dumbgels release a fix.

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    Wow, this really makes me feel like a total idiot wasting my only free day that I will have in god knows how long for buying this game this morning and been racking my brains for the past 4 hours trying to find a way to play it. Actually attempted to spoof the damn thing and I still got errors. At least this solved the mystery, but left a bad after taste. It is kind of my fault since I haven't touched my PS3 for over half a year since it was hacked and not looking into this whole FW issue with FF XIII-2 before buying it.

    Since this game do have a bunch of patches/updates, how would people like us, who are on CFW, update it without being on PSN?

    I know the following question will most likely be stupid, please bare with me. So, usually how long will it take for someone to release a fix for these issues?

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    It depends on "something" that we don't know. Some games being fixed almost at the launch, some games like Resistance 3 haven't been fixed till this moment.

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    ok thanks for the info

    don't backup the game, let's wait for more info ok!

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