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    Since this thread is a discussion thread about FFXIII-2 I'll post the links here for the game if anyone wants them.



    Deposit files:


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    In the title of this post you had put "FFXIII-2 on CFW"... It works on 3.55?

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    HeyManHRU, Does the ASIA version work on cfw355 kmeaw? I know it has english subtitles and voice

    I read someone said it does work on cfw 3.55. I want to know before I download it

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    It should require 3.7xfw, sorry..

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    All links are dead.. Someone have FFXIII-2 duplex release, wupload links?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MNX1024 View Post
    Wow, this really makes me feel like a total idiot wasting my only free day that I will have in god knows how long for buying this game this morning and been racking my brains for the past 4 hours trying to find a way to play it. Actually attempted to spoof the damn thing and I still got errors. At least this solved the mystery, but left a bad after taste. It is kind of my fault since I haven't touched my PS3 for over half a year since it was hacked and not looking into this whole FW issue with FF XIII-2 before buying it.

    Since this game do have a bunch of patches/updates, how would people like us, who are on CFW, update it without being on PSN?

    I know the following question will most likely be stupid, please bare with me. So, usually how long will it take for someone to release a fix for these issues?
    your not the only one. I HAVE THE EXACT SAME ISSUE!!! Being a FF fan, this is the only game i ever bother buying original.

    Because FF13 original worked on my CFW 3.41 PS3, i thought it would work again. But boy was i wrong. I failed to take into account that the CFWs can only play games up to a certain version, which i didn't realize earlier.

    I only knew that you needed an eboot for games to work on your firmware (in my case i needed 3.41 eboots), but for the original FF13 i didn't need eboot it just worked, so i didn't think this applied to original games.

    Only now after i bought FFXIII-2 original did i find out So i'm waiting whether team Ac1d's CFW will make it playable.

    PS: another thing, apparently FF13-2 comes with a downloadable content for Serah's outfit and unlocking of OMEGA weapon boss. You need to sign onto PSN to download that content to unlock it. Sneaky people
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    Thanks bro for sharing the file your the best HeyManHRU

    thanks again for the file i already download it
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    Lucky you.

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    Stick Out Tongue

    That Chinese guy has to look into this.

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    hey , i found the answer for your problems , this is final fantasy XIII-2 mod eboot , so you can play ff xiii-2 even ver 3.55

    here you can download it (

    I'm sorry if my English bad.. and i hope can be useful.

    oh yeah this only for 3.55 ok!!!
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