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    Member SexyVampiire's Avatar
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    Easy MFWBuilder v0.1 to Build Modified PS3 Firmware is Released

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    I am releasing this PlayStation 3 homebrew application for a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous, called Easy MFWBuilder v0.1 it simply allows users to build Modified PS3 Firmware.

    Download: Mirror 1 / Mirror 2 / Mirror 3 / Mirror 4 / Mirror 5 / Mirror 6

    Easy MFWBuilder Version 0.1

    An absolutely foolproof application:
    • Run it
    • Install to its default directory
    • Run the shortcut on the desktop
    • Done!

    Need a OFW to edit? Get one Here.

    Notes: Firmware 3.15, 3.41 and 3.55 only, and if you have any issues change -C:\Users\Adam- to your user name and don't use the shortcut.

    Just because there are plenty of mirrors does not make it enough! Mirror it!

    Easy MFWBuilder v0.1 to Build Modified PS3 Firmware is Released

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    Promoted to the main page now, and +Rep for the news SexyVampiire.

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    of course not.

    My guess would be 3.55 and below

    I dont no the exact version, since i'm still on 3.41. good ol'e dongles xD

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    But whats what big difference between cfw and mfw?

    Thanks for the answer

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    You can modify it.

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    It tries to start in c:\users\adam\ps3mfw for me, after changing that the shortcut it installs worked.

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    I guess its not anonymous anymore

    Good work though

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    I may give this a try if kmeaw's CFW doesn't cut it for me anymore. What kinds of things can we change or edit?

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    i'm still on 3.41 with dongle and am still totally satisfied with that set up.. i'm still seriously considering upgrading to 3.55 or something and am just wondering if someone can please give me an explanation of what this mfw that you build can do... and examples of what you modify..



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