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    Duplex PSN Releases for PS3 CFW All in One Place

    I am posting these links as i have found them. I have not tested these links as there are way too many.

    ***NOTE*** It has been brought to my attention that some of the links below aren't complete. To get the full link right click on the link and press on copy full link and then paste it into your search bar. I will be working to get all the links sorted by then. Sorry for any inconvience and confusion caused

    GameDATA app for PS3:
    • Allows the user to switch location of [game data] between internal HDD and first external USB HDD
    • Allows to install PSN games (or any application/pkg) to external USB HDD
    • Allows to get back to normal mode when you use "Ext. Game Data" option in multiMAN
    • Allows saving space on internal HDD


    How to use after you install gameDATA.pkg:

    Make sure that no payloads are loaded (do a clean PS3 restart).

    1) If you wish to install stuff to external USB - launch the app from "Game Data Mode: [HDD]"
    2) You're now in USB MODE (the icon will change to USB device with "Game Data Mode: [USB]" title
    3) Install PSN games or launch games - their data will go to the external USB HDD/stick
    4) Play your PSN (or disc) games from external USB device
    5) Once you're done with the game, either reboot your PS3 or launch the "Game Data Mode: [USB]" to get back to normal mode

    Gamedata Tool Download:

    Now for the games in alphabetical order:

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