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    spark32 Guest

    Dungeon Siege 3 on PS3 3.55 CFW

    Sorry I haven't been around for a while, and I haven't been able to find anywhere saying whether or not this game is working on 3.55 and lower yet or not (I know it uses 3.60 keys but maybe we got lucky with a patch or something).

    Anyways, if there's a hack for this game, please let me know.


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    Apr 2005
    I moved it here assuming you mean for CFW since that is what most people use these days, although if you haven't yet I would give it a try with the latest multiMAN version. If anyone else has given this one a try feel free to reply as well.

    I also notice it's on this 3.60 Games that can't be FIXED yet list, so perhaps it isn't playable yet.

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    spark32 Guest
    I haven't actually downloaded it yet. I thought I would wait before I lag my internet to hell to see if it works. But yes it appears to be on that list (thanks, I didn't know that existed), so it looks like i'm in hot water for the time being. Oh well I guess I can wait.

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    imjonny Guest
    Dungeon Siege III didn't seem very good to me

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    jmunozar Guest
    it works now, just install this patch: http://www.netload.in/dateiSO6dCxwrW9.htm

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    Oxinar Guest
    The game does not need the patch, just convert the original EBOOT of the game to 3.55 using the EBOOTMod.

    I did that and the game works normally.

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