Guys please help, I was progressing along up until the quest called "There are Enemies Within" (I think that was the name) where you save Keran. When I go to talk to Keran, the hero takes a step back and the PS3 hangs there. The music continues playing but there is no movement, no response from the PS3. I can't bring out the XMB shade and I can't skip the cutscene with square.

Is anybody else experiencing this issue? If it helps, I chose the path of the male warrior.

As stated in the subject, I am using kmeaw 3.55 on a phat PS3. I loaded the game with multiman (the version just before the latest update that came out this week).

Please help!

Sorry for second post but there's no edit button available..

Problem was actually fixed after deleting game data and reinstalling pkg to enable game play.