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Thread: does ps3 cfw get cinavia out?

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    jaiter Guest

    does ps3 cfw get cinavia out?

    I have a ps3 with the ps3 dongle on it and works perfect at 3.41. Just wondering if the cfw 3.55 is any better and if it gets the cinavia dsm out of the way. I know that sony only got the cinavia detection in the firmware after 3.15 or around there. I do a lot of bluray and it is getting more and more frustrating to actually watch the movies with the stupid cinavia error message popin up all the time. Thanks

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    moja Guest
    No, unfortunately. I have to use a laptop through HDMI to watch my bluray rips (PCs don't care about Cinavia).

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    hawk188 Guest
    Sadly no. I'm still hoping maybe MFW one day can have the options of removing it... mI do lots of AVCHD blurays too and I've got a cheap PS3 still on v3.01 just for that purpose.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    as of now there is no way to remove the protection.. sorry.

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