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    MeSoSneaky Guest

    Do I still need JB USB dongle with Kmeaw CFW

    I updated to 3.55 kmeaw. I have installed a couple managers. Everyone doesn't recognize the game on my USB. It's conan, I don't know if it usb playable. I check the usb manually in one of the managers. It's colored in red text, the "eboot.bin". When I click it, the ps3 loads a black screen. I ran the Lvlr2 patcher also.

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    anon777 Guest
    no you dont need the JB dongle... now when you say usb do you mean a regular usb or a usb external hard drive?... the way i do it is put a ps3 game in then run multiman to copy the game to external hard drive then run it from the multiman back up and you have to have a game in the system when you run back ups or else youll get the black screen.. i click the game disk and not the app home/ps3 game thing to run games cuz i get a black screen from that i hope some of this helped.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    if you are on an external drive they need to be in the folder labled GAME. ex "root of drive"/GAMES/BLUS000974 that is the file sturcture and i recommand using multiman and the bdemu.pkg so you dont need to run the lv2 patcher everytime with the bdemu.pkg you can delete the lv2 patcher unless you run linux you still need it for that.

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    MeSoSneaky Guest

    Stick Out Tongue

    I am running it from a external hard drive. I have it under default folder GAMEZ/USDir/Conan. What is BLUS000974? This is a game I "backed up" but the cd broke, so I no longer can use the disc.

    bdemu.pkg I don't know what that is I'll look for it now.

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    xchrisx Guest
    i guess your way of load game is wrong. in usb hdd GAMEZ/BLUS00974/PS3_GAME/ inside have param sfo and USRDIR file which is eboot inside. you can try like that. maybe you setup or install game way wrong. just check up other games folder. inside how other does installed. maybe then it will work.

    Blus00974 is conan games's id number. Each game has their own id. You can see all games id number in param .sfo file that you can open by text editor and can see it end of the file. You can write name of game like conan-blus00974 or blus00974-conan. Then you know game id also you know game id number. As you write you have put game files more file inside.

    After gamez folder isndie just put game folder no need to open usrdir file and again put game files. Just now i have wrote upside. Just try it.

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    slifer1231 Guest
    your file sturcture is wrong the BLUS000974 is just a random game ID i used. your file sturcture should be usb GAMEZ/[GAME ID(the BLUS NUMBER)]/PS3_GAME/ and inside the PS3_GAME folder should be the USRDIR and other folders and the param.sfo

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