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Thread: Do any PS3 CFW's support Vita's Content Manager?

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    sammybean Guest

    Question Do any PS3 CFW's support Vita's Content Manager?

    My Vita just keeps telling me I need to update the PS3 it's connected to, and the PS3 just sees it as an unrecognized USB device. I just want to put my PSN PSP games on my Vita but don't want to update my PS3 to OFW to do it...

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    popshopadop Guest
    you have to register the device. once you do that you need to start remote play on your ps3 and sadly be signed in. it doesnt matter what FW you ps vita is on. my ps3 is on the newest FW and it connects fine to my vita. thankfully i have 2

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    ils Guest
    you need 4.00 to register Vita.

    3.55CFW won't recognize Vita, simply because Vita not yet exists when 3.55 out

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    is that the final answer theres no work around? does a spoof work, if the vita thinks the ps3 is a higher version then 3.55 will that work?

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    Erz Guest
    Even if you use 4.00 spoof, you still can't register Vita on PS3. You must update to 4.00 OFW because in 4.00 OFW.pkg there is an application for Vita

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    sammybean Guest
    Looks like I need to either wait for VC2 to be Vita supported by Sony, wait for some fun new CFW things (I'm sure in time they'll work around it), OR but a second PS3 to have on OFW.

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    latexghost Guest
    you could register a vita to CFW 3.55 by registering it as a Mobil phone i have done it and my PS3 recognizes it.

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    bitsbubba Guest
    deank has actually played some games (remote play) via this method above --^

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    Griever2kx Guest
    Some Games already working with the Mobile Phone registration => Remote Play....

    but he talks about the CMA... since we cannot decrypt the 4.00 FW there is no way to get the Vita Application worked on any CFW.

    I've heard about an open source CMA for PC... if we just could make something for 3.55 CFW.

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