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Thread: DiscBOOT for Burned PS3 Game Backups on Custom Firmware Out

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    G Sus Guest
    even if that was possible, its only use would be game piracy, i can't see any dev doing that, or releasing the methods.

    Sony would be after them relentlessly.

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    LiQUiDxSNaKe Guest
    Thanks for the news I didn't know this was possible o.o (i really need to buy myself a 2k ps3)

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    sardine fish Guest
    Do you think is possible? If that is possible we can play psn?

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    Vallachia Guest
    There's a TON of games that work straight off on CFW3.55. You don't buy any games because you are a cheapskate, don't make excuses.

    My PS3 runs CFW 3.55 and I buy all the games that I enjoy playing. The ones that suck I delete. So I (and many others on CFW) still support the developers.

    Don't be a leech dude, buy some of the games you really like. Give the devs a reason to continue to make great games.

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    sardine fish Guest
    How about we take a photo on all the games disc we bought and show it to everyone to see and look who are more cheapskate (dont mention those disc i bought for forum to test)? Instead of asking for eboots and exclusives for games, i just buy or i wait.

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    G Sus Guest
    i'd say the likelyness of it happening is about 0%

    more likely a new cfw would be released.

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    sardine fish Guest
    Thanks for your reply Luciferson

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    LiQUiDxSNaKe Guest
    That will be fun to do, see how many people actually buy them instead of downloading

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    bp125 Guest

    how does it work?

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    levihacks19 Guest
    works good.. very good

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