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    Thug Nerd Guest
    To many things to get started. 1st things 1st, I need a cfw for 4.30.

  2. #42
    G Sus Guest
    there isn't one yet

  3. #43
    jrccomputer Guest
    Yeah, I'm waiting to. Though I'm on 4.30 OFW. I think its kinda stupid how you have to be on 3.55 to upgrade to 4.30. I mean I wish I could update from 4.30 OFW right to 4.30 CFW.

    Why won't they make that possible???

  4. #44
    G Sus Guest
    eventually it probably will be possible. but probably is a word that is only 50% sure.

    theres more keys being discovered all the time, and the more the devs go looking the more likely they are to find a weakness.

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    moh72033 Guest

  6. #46
    Luis ngu Guest
    this is a nice week for cfw scene

  7. #47
    G Sus Guest
    Very much so.

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    sardine fish Guest
    Why do some games load and some don't?

  9. #49
    tomthe1st Guest
    Thanx will give it a try

  10. #50
    sardine fish Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Natepig View Post
    This will only work with cfw as the ps3, when not jailbroken, will look for the pic zone on a bluray disc, which is inserted when the discs are pressed by sony. It is not possible to achieve this disc authentication with commercialy available bluray burners.

    To me this would only be useful if you had no money but a pile of blank media lying around or if you were trying to sell burned games to a less technical person.
    Since the key for LV0 is release cant we add into the file and burn, do you think it would work on ofw ?

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