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  1. #31
    Foo Guest
    You can use PS3GEN and burn a game to a Bluray disc as long as you have the proper drive.

  2. #32
    itsbighead Guest
    and do you have to install any pkg files to read the game or can you just put in the game and directly play?

  3. #33
    Foo Guest
    Well if the game has an update that you want to install then you can (you have the option to attach PKGs in PS3GEN) but you don't have to. You can then just stick it in and play.

  4. #34
    ASTRAL2k1 Guest
    Nice, but the download link for discboot is now dead.

  5. #35
    elser1 Guest
    if anyone has this handy can you please upload to mediafire or something. thanks!

  6. #36
    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have now added a mirror to the main article here: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-cfw-mfw/d...-firmware-out/

  7. #37
    elser1 Guest
    thanks boss!!!

  8. #38
    jrccomputer Guest
    Does this method still work???

  9. #39
    winnimac Guest
    Is there a game list with working titles? or works it with all?

  10. #40
    aries2k6 Guest
    I don't think anybody ever bothered with a list.. it definately doesn't work with all games. compatibilty is kind of low so I'd burn to rewritable discs 1st.

    I had Dirt, Wet, fracture, COD MW and a few more games working but most I tested didn't work. you can also try booting the disc with multiman.

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