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  1. #11
    Hipmans Guest
    Cool addon but I prefer discless whenever possible

  2. #12
    Strike Venom Guest
    Does it also work with debug discs?

  3. #13
    mouseclicker Guest
    This is great because now I can relieve my external FAT32 HDD from the backups that fit in a DVD, thanks Dean.

  4. #14
    saviour07 Guest
    Great news!

    I'd prefer a library of discs rather than having everything stored on the HDD, I'm just used to it from the old PS1/PS2 days.

  5. #15
    TheShroomster Guest
    Does this bypass the check the ps3 does for the blu-ray header (why a ps3 game has to be in the drive)? or does it simply just convert an entire game to a pkg game? couldnt this be done with a game of any size as long as it didnt have split files.

  6. #16
    cfwprophet Guest
    Really nice to see progress on this kind off. Would be nice if it also can be used to boot multi game disks.

  7. #17
    NTA Guest
    I can burn PS3 games on a DVD if it fits? Seriously?

  8. #18
    Prince Valiant Guest

  9. #19
    Ezio Guest
    I think this procedure doesn't work for all ps3 games, but only for games can be loaded via xmb in psn-game pkg format.

  10. #20
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Nice progress for those who prefer to store games individually on optical media - thanks Dean!

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