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Thread: Disc Icon disppeared from PS3 CFW XMB

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    Kjp993 Guest

    Disc Icon disppeared from PS3 CFW XMB

    Hey Guys,

    Today I noticed that when the disc icon is gone from the CFW XMB when I have a disc in the optical drive. When I put the disc into the drive, I can hear it reading, and the game appears in Multiman but no XMB. It's really annoying me because I can't mount or play most of my backup games.

    The only things I have changed on my PS3 is the certificate hack to get on PSN, and updated my Multiman to 1.16 and installed the new payload so that the new multiman update would work?

    The optical drive seems to work, anyone have any ideas?

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    severusx Guest
    What firmware are you using?

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    Kjp993 Guest
    I'm running 3.55 waninkoko cfw.

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    RadioactiveSoup Guest
    Use Kmeaw..

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    slifer1231 Guest
    you have one of three possible things flashed a bad firmware. messed something up in the flash when you replaced the cert. 3.your blueray drive is going bad.

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    Kjp993 Guest
    Will fresh install of the firmware fix any issues with the flash?

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    slifer1231 Guest
    yes anytime you redo a firmware update it formats your flash and reinstalls the firmware so a reinstall will fix any issues.

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    Kjp993 Guest
    So then entering the service mode, and flashing the custom firmware should fix my missing disc icon issue?

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Mostly. But do it anyway, just to be sure..

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    Kjp993 Guest
    I have re flashed, and this time even with a different cfw. (Kmeaw). Still no disc icon, yet multiman still reads the discs. That really only leaves the bluray drive is going bad, but wouldn't it also stop reading it in multiman? Is there any way to boot backup games that need to mount using the disc icon?

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