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Thread: Disable PS3 Cinavia DRM Check Now with PS3MFW Builder Patch

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    Death2494 Guest


    Using this now, wondering if I would still be able to play online with this NFW? Is there any chance of my ps3 being bricked?

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    Apr 2005
    PS3 NFW is basically like PS3 MFW or CFW... so no, it doesn't allow PSN access.

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    gingerbytes Guest


    how to install this when Kmeaw is already installed?

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    Ezio Guest
    The way safer is this: come back to 3.55 ofw and then install it.

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    gingerbytes Guest
    I tried reinstalling OFW 3.55 (US) but i got this message: "No applicable update was found".

    I am running Kmeaw 3.55 on a PS3 fat Asia. Could there be a difference between US and Asia OFW?

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    Ezio Guest
    Maybe you use a spoof for 3.60/3.66/3.70 fw. In this case you have to install ofw 3.55 from recovery mode.

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    gingerbytes Guest
    My system information says System Software Version 3.55. How can I know if it's using a spoof?

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    Ezio Guest
    If it says so you aren't using a spoof. Install ofw 3.55 from recovery menu and you'll see it installs correctly.

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    gingerbytes Guest
    ok, thanks Ezio, will try that.

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    elser1 Guest
    try playing a genuine 3.55 game.. maybe kz3 i'm not sure, search 3.55 game.. and try new games see what says you need to upgrade to 3.55 or plays..

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