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Thread: Dirt 3 PS3 not working in 3.55 CFW

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    praveenmantra Guest

    Unhappy Dirt 3 PS3 not working in 3.55 CFW

    Pls help, dirt 3 is not working in 3.55 CFW. Any one got working?

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    dexter1973 Guest
    Dirt 3 is 3.60 game... not working yet...

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    DaedalusMinion Guest
    Not working yet, wait to see if a Retail patch compiled with the 3.5 SDK comes out.

    But seeing the Killzone 3's patch, I'm not optimistic.

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    praveenmantra Guest
    ok friends thank you.

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    aznbadboixx Guest
    yea sucks you need the 3.60 key. Hopefully somebody figures out the 3.60 key so we can have another cfw. But seeing how sony reacted after the other cfw people are scared

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    elcido6 Guest
    Let's let Sony release more 3.60 games before we release a 3.60 cfw. As soon as 3.60 cfw is released Sony will just counter that with 3.61, and make all games after that only work with 3.61, making 3.60 useless.

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