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    naive1016 Guest

    Deleted Backup Manager on PS3 CFW

    Well, I definitely messed up. Because I no longer used it, I thought what the heck delete Backup Manager on CFW. Well it deleted all of my internal games. And for some reason I can no longer use MultiMan. I get an error message saying my BD emulation isn't working. So I cannot load any backups with MultiMan.

    But my blu ray drive is working because I can see my blu ray game inside. Then I tried Gaia Manager and all my external games load up and I don't get that blu ray error message. What did Backup Manager delete? I no longer have the folder LAUN12345 and will certainly not use it again.

    I still have the Backup Manager but it says corrupted file because I stopped it and it says there is still 20 gigs for some reason not sure. How can I fix this because I really want to use MultiMan rather than Gaia.

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    dave4117 Guest
    hi mate, bd emulator was removed from multiman a few updates ago, you need to install lv2 patcher, whenever you turn ps3 on click on patcher and you should be ready to go, have no idea why your games are gone are you sure there deleted, you wouldn't be able to access them unless it was through a bm. so try installing multiman 1.16.07 and lv2 patcher and you should be ok.

    let me know how it goes.

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    naive1016 Guest
    Thx man, I just fixed it by downloading a file called BD EMU 3.55. Fixed it and I don't get the message anymore.

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    doolaik Guest
    all your games are gone because you had the games stored in your BM games folder (or linked to it). When you deleted BM, it removed all associated files with it.

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