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Thread: Dead Island on PS3 Kmeaw CFW

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    sasukekun92 Guest

    Lightbulb Dead Island on PS3 Kmeaw CFW

    Yeah, like the title says, i'm now working on the fixed eboot.bin for the 3.55 kmeaw cfw, so, at the end of the week we'll can play this title on our PS3 consoles

    Stay Tuned!

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    hawkY Guest
    Great man , thats awsomeee finally some new game to play... But how are you making it ?

    Is it possible to decrypt some other games ?

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    sasukekun92 Guest
    It's something complicated, i've been using the cygwin and modifying some strings on some Hex editor... I think that i'll release it that weekend, but i have to finish it, and test it.

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    mm4dsc Guest
    Should this work, perhaps a how to on how you did it might be in order.

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    sasukekun92 Guest
    Well, i'm making it with cygwin and some HEX editors, replacing some strings, etc. I hope release it this weekend, but I have finish it and test it.

    And, yeah, if it work correctly i could say that this is one manner to decrypt some other games.

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    hawkY Guest
    Well man , good luck !

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    sasukekun92 Guest
    well, need some help, something was wrong on my pc, so, i need help with the hex editors, before, i could understand the strings, but, now, i open the editor and the strings are in an incomprensible "ANSI", so, somebody help with the process?

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    Xyth Guest
    Maybe its because off an encryted eboot.bin.

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    MikeD23 Guest
    Here is a working fix for the BLES00749 Version:[BLES-00749]%20Internal%20Only%20CFW%203.55%20Fix.rar

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