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    SinnerShanky Guest

    Crysis 2 not working with Kmeaw CFW

    I downloaded Crysis 2... have modded the eboot using deans eboot tools. I've even renamed the modified eboot to EBOOT.BIN

    Whenever i load it in MultiMan or gaia and start it, it kicks me back to the xmb.... Please help.

    I'm using latest gaia and MM.... Also, using kmeaw 3.55!!!

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    Tek9 Guest
    Did you modify the .SFO file to match your CFW?

  3. #3
    SinnerShanky Guest
    no.. multiman and gaia do that themselves.. Moreover due to sfo the error is: an error occured during the start operation...!

    while in my case it just kicks me back to the xmb.. no error or hang..

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    Tek9 Guest
    Here try this i uploaded the eboot i use that works on mine get it here http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U0QSB1FB and let me know how it goes

  5. #5
    SinnerShanky Guest
    ok... i'l tell you... thanks for the upload though...!

  6. #6
    Abigoriktus Guest
    Did you use ebootFIX or ebootMOD? For crysis 2 you should use ebootMOD.

  7. #7
    SinnerShanky Guest
    hey... it works now... thanks for the EBOOT...

  8. #8
    Tek9 Guest
    I am glad it worked out for you i am glad i was able to help you.

  9. #9
    rizzle7 Guest
    that seems very resouceful

  10. #10
    slifer1231 Guest
    The problem is fixed.


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