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    GotNoUsername Guest

    Chaos Air Bringer PS3 App Arrives, Allows Changing MAC on CFW

    Today Spanish PlayStation 3 developer Rokiski at DemonHades has released what he calls Chaos Air Bringer, a PKG application that allows CFW users to change their PS3 MAC address on Custom Firmware.

    Download: Chaos Air Bringer PS3 App to Change MAC on CFW (Password: realscene) / Chaos Air Bringer PS3 App to Change MAC on CFW (Mirror - Password Removed) / Chaos Air Bringer PS3 App to Change MAC on CFW (Mirror #2)

    To quote: This little tool lets you make some magic in your machine. It lets you change your MAC Address FOREVER, easy, uh?


    a) Put a pendrive / external hdd, for example, in any usb port (app search for it).
    b) Now you have 2 options:
    • Dont put any file in the usb unit.In this case, the program will use a special mac address (Air Address)
    • Or put a file called "mac.bin", this file will be your new mac. You need put inside in binary format your 6 bytes of your new mac, for example, DE 11 00 11 4A DE.

    c) Install app, and launch it.
    d) The program will try make a backup of your old mac in the usb unit as "mac_original.bin". Remember take it in some secure place before launch again the program or will be overwrite and you will lose your original value, perhaps forever... i don't know.

    e) Wait to the program returns to the xmb or reboot. If not reboot auto, reboot manually the PS3, and you will see the changes forever.

    f) Its all folks!


    a) You need SS patches enabled to use it, if not perhaps you will have problems because lv1 dispatch manager blocks your service requests.
    b) If the program CANT make a backup of your old mac, led will blink in red.
    c) If the program CANT change your mac, the led will remain off (if you reboot your machine its will revert to green)
    d) If the program CAN make a backup or your mac led will blink green.
    d) If the program CAN change your mac led will be off and later green.
    e) I tested it and works as a charm, but remember that you only take your choices with your machine, not blame me if you mess something.
    f) Its not change any value at the ram (lv1, vsh or lv2), the change is real.
    g) You can change in a custom firmware, and later update a official firmware and your mac will remains changed.
    h) This program will be a plugin in JFW DH 3.41


    The mac change is real, its have a lot of uses, as example:

    a) Make funny stupid videos of "new firmwares" without hide your mac (stupid use, but well, a lot of people is stupid and live in dark hole places... ).
    b) Make a true use avoiding that your mac can be banned, or in a legit video that your machine appear as it.
    c) Spoof your mac to catch wireless conections that have mac auth list, and use this wireless connection (yeah, Chaos Air Bringer).
    d) A lot of uses that your imagination can have...


    About the source code, it is a very easy app to make, only need use your brain, or reverse it (it is easy). And yeah, i can change EID values, etc, very easy.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    barrybarryk Guest
    Cool, though I can't really think of a use for it apart from showing a fake mac when recording videos.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    Yes, barrybarryk, I agree with it. It should be promoted to "Latest News" as well.

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    HeyManHRU Guest
    Here is the attachment on the actual post by DemonHades (There is no password), you will need this to change your MAC address.

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    Divinehand Guest

    Red Face

    I sorry for my noob question but, what good does you change your MAC Address?

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    Join Date
    Apr 2005
    I have promoted it to the main page now, and +Rep for the news GotNoUsername.

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    danyboy666 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Divinehand View Post
    I sorry for my noob question but, what good does you change your MAC Address?
    You should learn to read the news...

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    anon777 Guest
    you can't be serious, please tell me your joking!!

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    a7ebak17 Guest
    i hate demonhades.. delay delay delay...

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    NTA Guest
    Is that a gargoyle?

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